Tsar Emerald jam gooseberry

I never was an ardent fan of gooseberry jam, but then decided to cook zamorochitsya and emerald. Or royal jam. Emerald named for the color. King's - because once Catherine II loved his remaining forest

. But, alas, the color came out embarrassment - no matter how I tried, the emerald hue failed. But the taste of the jam turned out really royally delicious.

Cook - gooseberries now just at the right stage, hard and green



unripe gooseberries (5 cups),

sugar (7 cups),

cherry tree leaves (60 pieces),

water (3 cups).

How to cook:

Gooseberry jam on the need to take immature green. The most time-consuming part of the work a purely gooseberries. Each berry have to clean from the peduncle-tails and cut her seeds.

It is convenient to do so: make an incision along the berry and a small spoon (I took the potato peeler) to pick out the seeds from each half

. Someone incision at the tip of the berries of gooseberries and pulls the core by means of pins. In my opinion, this method is more complicated.

At a certain skill to prepare 5 cups gooseberries it will take half an hour.

So we cleaned gooseberries. Now we make a blank for the syrup: in water (3 cups), add the cherry leaves, a handful of large, 50 pieces 10 leave for later. We put on the fire and bring to a boil.

Fill the berries obtained broth and allowed to cool to room temperature. Then we put in a cool place, for example, in the refrigerator for several hours, preferably overnight.

Plums morning two cups of broth and reserve the syrup. Others pour, remove the leaves.

Syrup for jam: mix 2 cups of broth and 7 cups of sugar. We put on the fire and bring to a boil. Add the gooseberries

Again bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for exactly 15 minutes.

For 5 minutes before the end add to the jam remaining 10 cherry leaves.

Turn off, cool and decompose our, if not the emerald, but just royal gooseberry jam on the banks closing caps made of paper.


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