Psychologist Andrew Metel'skii: The main reason for weight gain is in your head

Andrew Metel'skii - pediatrician, adolescent psychotherapist, gestalt-trainer, certified coach INTC center. Total psychotherapeutic practice - 20 years

. "Do not make a meal of worship" - said Ostap Bender, and he was absolutely right. Today there are millions of diets in the world, methods and techniques for weight loss. People earnestly carefully, down to the last calorie, calculate your portions. Their heads are crammed with rubbish about when, what and how to eat.

The fight against obesity is on all fronts, and humanity in this unequal battle is lost. Because it does not struggle with that. And if you look - do not fight at all necessary. Why? Let's see.
Why diets are popular? Because people do not want to do anything. They are too lazy to think, to realize the problem they face. Simply refer to the authority, which will take by the hand and lead to a "happy future". Applicants for the role of the authorities are now millions - choose anyone you like, the main thing - pay

. Our body is designed so that it constantly requires a specific set of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins. Sitting on a diet, a person, for example, restricts itself to the consumption of fats. Drinks low-fat milk and yogurt, eating only certain foods, and so on. D. Organisms that fats are necessary for life (sorry, as nature intended, and not be able to fool it) falls into a panic. As a result, he will try to get the fat out of anything and put them in reserve. This, of course, very generalized, but it is a working scheme.

Similarly, all the other elements as soon as they are not enough, the body, in spite of ourselves, trying to save them in excess, and suddenly in front of "hungry" days? The result of any diet is reduced as a result of the fact that sooner or later we give up on it and soon will get a completely opposite result.

I would argue, they say, there are clear examples of the fact that he sat on a diet, people become slim and attractive in the future perfect feel and without restrictions in food. Such cases do exist, but you may not understand the root cause of success. These people become healthier not because they sat on a diet, but because they finally paid attention to themselves. They began to love myself.

The main reason for weight gain is in your head. Solving the hidden psychological problem, we allow the unconscious to signal the body - a complex situation resolved, it is already possible to not "jam", and we lose weight without any effort

. The range of problems is extensive, and often they are quite obvious. It may be the fear of close contact, in which the body metaphorically "extends" its presence in the world, protecting the little "I" inside. Some people gain weight because of the uncertainty, trying to become more and more impressive. The reasons for the mass, the main thing - to understand their

. But more often the roots of the problems are in deep childhood. My youngest son recently went to school, and I was horrified to find how much fat children in the first grade. How should parents try to have their child to 7 years was like a keg!

A child by nature knows what it is and when. If it is psychologically healthy and nourished as it tells the subconscious mind, you will never potolsteet. In Minsk in the 90s pediatricians conducted an experiment. They took two groups year-old children, one of them fed classic (at certain times and verified dishes), and the second covered buffet (take what you want and when you want to). It was found that children who ate in the free mode, receiving all the necessary ingredients for a full life in the food with amazing accuracy verified.

Every day, taking children out of kindergarten, mother asked, "What you feed?". As if this is really important. Initially, for human food - it's just food. Fuel required for the sustenance of the process. But every day we point out the importance of the child to her, and, of course, sooner or later, he starts to believe it.

We still live in post-war complexes: the bread can not be disposed of, it is necessary to eat up the soup to the last drop. And our child cram a completely unnecessary calories the body through force.

We zakarmlivaem children to compensate for their mistakes in the upbringing, buy off for not read bedtime stories, not paying attention, and so on. D. Coca-cola, chocolate, crisps and hamburgers have become an alternative currency of expression of parental love. Only the currency - a fake. For its part, the child, noting that parents approve of, when he eats on the orders begins unconsciously absorb more, hoping for approval.

We perseverance maniacs trying to feed children under the regime. And in the end, they get used to it and less can hear the signals of your body. By the way, has long been proved that proteins, eaten without appetite, to the amino acids are not digested, the body perceives them as something alien and brings in a natural way.

I repeat: it is necessary to have when you want and how you want. The only caveat, which does not allow us to live comfortably in this paradigm lies in the word "want". We must clearly understand that we really want to eat, and not, for example, to obtain approval, love to solve problems at work, and so on. D.

The global trend in the fight against excess weight with the help of slimming diets and money speaks only of one thing: mankind is increasingly runs into his childhood and does not want to answer for their actions, their bodies and their lives in general

. I am convinced that the problem of excess weight, as well as many other "problem" of modern humanity, was created artificially. With interest I watched the last ten years in one very popular glossy magazines fun process. First there was a series of articles about women's autumn depression, they say, it contributes to the bad weather, the withering of nature and all that. Soon, the patient began to come to me, who started moping.

After a couple of years out articles about winter depression associated with the lack of light - "splenetic" patients was twice as much. It is logical that soon appeared on the publication of the spring depression, which has been associated with vitamin deficiency, and summer (they even do not remember because of what). The clients, who were willing to be depressed, and now enthusiastically could remain depressed for a year. The same thing happens with articles about obesity and the struggle against it. The scheme is very clear: to create problems and then suggests ways to solve

. When we eat something, the body rewards us pleasure hormones - endorphins, because you have done the right thing, a body supported by the vital activity. Is the term "unconscious need" when it is not satisfied, an alarm occurs. Rather than deal with this concern, to understand its causes, we deafen her lungs endorphins, obtained in the process of eating. The need thus does not disappear - we eat more and more

. To summarize: in order to lose weight, we do not need a diet, but a clear understanding of their needs. This applies to both adults and children. Of course, it is understood that we are not talking about diets, designated for medical reasons. Here, quite different causes and effects.

Now more and more people who are trying to engage in a healthy lifestyle, go to the gym (which is great!), Sitting on a diet, but not to lose weight. While we are not satisfied with their unconscious needs, until we decide internal problems, deferred indefinitely, fully lose weight and start eating right and zdoróvo not work.

You can drive away the fat mechanically, exerting tremendous efforts to the gym. But it will be an endless war that to anything good will not - the body will sooner or later take revenge for violence against them.


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