The rule for the right moment, which will make your communication a reasonable and calm

It is best to perform the request, which sound in time when they can be performed in the course of life, naturally and easily. Please throw the bag of trash out of place when the child is undressed, came from the street; it sounds better when it is not already undressed; and naturally performed when the child is dressed and ready to go out into the street. The rule for the right moment - absolutely magical rule that makes our communication effective and reasonable. < Website tells how to catch the right moment.

For example, you need to teach a child to it, going into the street, turned off for a light in the hall (take a mobile phone, or say when he returns). We're talking to him, and he forgets. We told him again saying he forgets again. No matter how much swear, the effectiveness of our actions, or low, or no. And what to do? - Remind unfamiliar word « bifurcation »

. "Bifurcation point" - the concept of the technical vocabulary and refers to a split: a brief moment when the system in unpredictable ways can change the mode of operation of either one, or the other way, and then return to the past is no longer
When a person is at this point, the slightest boost in the right direction gives the desired effect. When this point is missed - all passed, passed the point of no return: you can only swear, but the desired result will not be

. So, coming back to the fact that the child cut out for him in the hallway light. Question: When we raise a child this topic? Usually we start talking about this when the baby came from the street, that is, when he has nothing really can not. This means - at the wrong time, a point of bifurcation is not here. We drove ...

We need to do things differently. Namely - it is important not to be lazy and to be close to your child at a time when he is in the hallway and going to the output. At the moment of his duties calmly ask, when he returns, tell me about the cell phone, and kissing, ask for a turn off the lights. Anything you leave the hall, a child turns off the light and go for a walk. He has done and will do with pleasure, and if you will continue to act in the same way, it will soon be in his habit.

The main difficulty - organize yourself to remember about what we want to achieve.. However, there is one useful fact: when faced with the way we forget our own intentions, we will be more understanding attitude to the fact that the child forgets our requests too

. Similarly, the husband went to the market, brought the bow - a bad one. Slow, Wet, even what. The standard reaction of his wife - tell him to bow in the place no longer bought, because he brought the bow nevazhnetsky

. Wife on husband did not swear, she said, everything is calm and honest, but her husband for his work received the negative reinforcement. And for next time on the request of his wife, he is likely to have forgotten again bring something that, and the wife will start to get angry. Or offended by his lack of attention.

More wisely and responsibly - to thank her husband for the purchase, kiss and do chores. But remember about the bow. And next time, when it meets on the market, to give it a very clear instructions to whom it to go or what to watch him when he would bow to choose.

Yes, it is necessary to remember it. Yes, the work of "remember" - is also a job, and often this work we try to throw the other. But if we want results and good relations, this work, we need to take on I think it's just fair:. It's something we want from our loved ones, then we and the need to keep this in mind. The old rule: "You have to - you and do!»

He writes Anya, the wise wife: "If the husband should do housework something big, I first discuss with them the need of the case. And then - like it when there is free time that he has "not capitalized". For example, it was necessary to make a suspension for the TV in the kitchen, so it is a place in the room is not occupied, it still did not look. Quietly, quietly keep yourself in mind that it should be done. As soon as my husband organize free output - a joint trip with friends fell through, and then I showed up with a reminder: "And you would also move the TV." All done - quickly, good pleasure and without cutting ... »

Dear men, to salt or not to salt porridge - this problem is solved in that time, when his wife standing at the plate with a spoon and a saucepan. When the porridge is already salted, it's too late, already everything. But an hour before that time - too early, it is a hundred times all forget ... Remember, all your wonderful wishes should be made public know just the right moment. < When not yet passed the point of no return. Only when it is necessary.



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