19 GOLDEN rules of life

We all want to change for the better and change your life. In this we try to help the many useful articles and books on development and even courses that offer the same tips and techniques. But life rarely fits in a bookstore schema and blindly following advice can lead to the opposite result.

This is especially true of such common units:

1. Your life will be what you predstavlyayet her favorite commandment is different Kocherov. "In order to achieve the goal, it is necessary to clearly present, to fully feel it, to live and to sleep with her head!".

Oh, Yes! you narrowed her eyes and clearly presented his yacht and house in the Caribbean. Painted on a large poster and hung it over the bed. And... nothing happens. Day gives way to day, and the yacht remains in the head, and the house in the photo. You quietly hate yourself and your miserable life.

This is because you believe in the myth that life should be what you want, instead of accept it for what it is.

There's nothing wrong with defining the goals for the future and moving toward it. But your life is happening now. Find a way to enjoy it right now. You can't hate the present, and postpone happiness for the future.

2. We should be happy all Vremea all sides we are taught to be happy. Are trying to convince us that happiness is the normal natural state of man, and if you don't feel it, then clearly something is wrong and urgently need to do something.

The reality is that happiness is quite fleeting emotion, like any emotion. We can feel the satisfaction, peace of mind, but true happiness – that is something quite rare and quickly fleeting.

Moreover, for the full enjoyment of it is and should be – rare and precious. It is a wonderful feeling, but do not fall under the pressure of the newfangled theories that no hour of happiness your life becomes defective.

3. Life is direct ascending lineated the myth tells us that we should always progress. Forward and up, not a step back or to the side. If this exercise that you ran five miles, then the next have six. If this month you have earned a thousand, the next two have. Meanwhile, this approach to life leaves us no chance for error, disease, or simple relaxation.

Try linear model of progress to replace in the head coil. Very often, despite all efforts, we make a circle and end up almost at the same place where we started, but with new thoughts and experiences. Don't get mad at myself for it, just start a new round.

4. Resistance is the best way to overcome critically you need to solve the problem, then, of course, you must gather all your strength and overcome that impediment. Absolutely natural and correct approach, isn't it?

But all is not so simple. Sometimes the opposition only drains your energy and reduces your ability to solve problems effectively. There are times when it is better to assess the situation, and not to shove ahead in spite of circumstances.

It's like crossing a river: you can cross her over, almost spent force, and you can swim against waves and heroically to sink in the middle.

Confrontation is a very natural human reaction, but sometimes not the best solution. Learn to calmly accept the good and bad in our lives sometimes much wiser.

5. You will be happy when...This is a very common indoor installation, explaining why you do not get pleasure from life right now. Just you are missing something very important. Here comes this bright moment, then, and begin to live!

"When I retire, my life will be much better." Think?

"My life will be calm and happy when I get more money." Maybe. How much more? Will be able to calm down and stop or you'll stretch it "more" for another order?

Don't delay your life later. Have fun right now. And when it comes to this mythical "later" — get double the fun!

19 Golden rules of life:1.The rule of reciprocity: Before you judge the errors of others, pay attention to yourself. He who throws mud, can not be clean hands.

2.Rule of pain: the Offended person himself inflicts insult others.

3.The top rule of the road: We are moving to a higher level when we start to treat others better than they treat us.

4.A rule of a boomerang: When we help others we help ourselves.

5.Rule of the hammer: Never use a hammer to kill a mosquito on his forehead interlocutor.

6.The exchange rule: Instead of putting others in place, we have to put ourselves in their place.

7.The learning rule is: Each person we meet has the potential us something to teach.

8.The rule of charisma: People are showing interest in the person who is interested in them.

9.Rule 10-points: the Belief in the best quality people usually causes them to show their best qualities.

10.Rule situation: Never let the situation meant more to you than the relationship.

11.The rule of Bob: When Bob problem with all, usually the main problem is Bob himself.

12.Rule availability: the Ease in the relations with itself helps another to feel free with us.

13.The rule of the trench: When preparing for battle, dig a trench, so that it will fit the other.

14.The rule of farming: All relationships can and should be cultivated.

15.Rule 101 per cent, to Find 1 percent with which we agree, and to send him 100 percent of our efforts.

16.The rule of patience: to Travel with others is always slower than traveling alone. Want to go far, go together, I want to go quickly, go alone.

17.Rule two sides of the same coin: the real test of relations is not only how we are true friends when they fail, but in how much we rejoice when they succeed.

18.Rule of sympathy: ceteris paribus people will seek to work with those who they like; ceteris unequal conditions they will still do it.

19.The rule of cooperation: working together increases the likelihood of a joint victory.published


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