How do you know - like you or not

Never ask a man - he likes you or not. First of all, decide c concept of love. And, based on this lead further arguments.

Let us remember what love

By definition, Erich Fromm "Love - is an active interest in the life and development of his partner"

. Do you agree with this definition?

If you agree - keep reading if you do not agree - do not read on, because most likely you will not like what you hear. So, it all starts with a base of self-love. Remember the words of Jesus: "Love your neighbor as yourself." If you do not love yourself, accordingly, you can not claim that love from your partner - same shit your loved one does not slip. Therefore, you must first love yourself.

Understand - you love yourself or not - is very easy. When you are doing exercise or learn - you develop. Here in this moment, you love yourself. Therefore, when you want to determine - whether you, you ask yourself a question like: "Since I'm using this one develops or not?". If developing - you love, if you do not evolve, respectively - no

. Consider the case of my practice

Secured man married 17-year-old girl who worked at that time barber. He told her the following sentence: "Why do you work? Throw a job and stay at home. " She agreed with him. And if it was familiar with our methods, then I do not obey or do not marry him. Thus, he did not provide it opportunities for development, because it is better to be a hairdresser than a housewife.

It took about 7 years old, they were already 6-year-old child, she was completely on her husband's welfare and, it so happened that he was killed. News of his case, this woman could not and went bankrupt in 2 years. And if continued to work, then surely it would be with the help of the salon opened, and able to provide for themselves in such a situation.

I always say to men: "Do not put your neck on the women themselves, even if you are very rich!ยป

After all, in fact, you kill yourself, for children - is a continuation of you, your family, and in this situation there is a risk that your wife will not be able to bring up your offspring

. Thus, if the relationship with your partner do not lead to your development, whatever it was expressed, the speak of love here does not make sense. Its just not there.

Author: Mikhail E. Litvak


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