She came to visit a friend in hospital, but was impressed by what he saw in the House!

The medical profession - one of the most critical and important in the modern world, because of his correct behavior often depends on the health and lives of patients. Given the current wages, good doctors are the only ones who feel this his vocation and loves his job.

This article focuses on one of these doctors, who can be called a true professional. Unfortunately, his name is unknown, but the story told by Brazilian Ingrid VELAM, touched thousands of people. Such doctors really deserve boundless respect.


"Recently, I went to visit a friend who was in the hospital. With her in the ward lay 86-year-old grandmother. She almost did not get up and did not move. Because of this, it was necessary a special mattress. When the doctor said an aide to change the mattress, something unexpected happened ... »

"While nurses have changed it, the doctor took his grandmother on his hands, and sat down with her on a chair, standing next to the bed and sang her a song. It was one of the most moving moments that have been in my life. That's what human qualities should have each a real doctor! »


His act is not in vain admiration. The photograph clearly shows that he did so not out of necessity, but from a sincere desire to somehow brighten up the hard life granny. Suppose in the world there will be more such doctors who are ready to help with all your heart and keep patients!

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