Sadist or a Life? What can you tell us about your eating habits

Want to find out more about the character and habits of a new acquaintance - invite him to dinner. And look carefully, what food he orders and how to eat them. It turns out that eating habits - it is not just built in a special way the work of the taste buds, and more. On them you can make a "portrait" of a man who will tell about his character and habits, and about respect for others.

< sharp

People who prefer the most spicy dishes, distinguished by openness, sociability, friendliness and a tendency to seek adventure. This conclusion was made by specialists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) in the course of the experiment with the participation of 184 volunteers.

People were asked to respond to questions about getting new experiences and risk. After questioning the volunteers were asked to try a spicy dish with chilli. So those who are most negatively assessed the lifestyles, coupled with the search for new friends and experiences, gave the lowest estimate of spicy dishes.

< Bitter

This category includes all one way or another bitter coffee without sugar and cream, dark bitter chocolate, radishes, radish, strong black tea without sugar, grapefruit ...

Fans of bitter food, according to scientists from the University of Innsbruck (Austria), prone to narcissism, manipulation of others and even sadism.

That is the conclusion the researchers came as a result of the experiment with the participation of volunteers - men and women of different ages. They were asked to evaluate the taste of several different products (including, very bitter) on the six-point scale. After the volunteers completed a questionnaire, which was a kind of test for the friendliness, the narcissism, the tendency to manipulate and sadism.

Comparing the results, the researchers traced the strong link between addiction to bitter foods and sadism, as well as a tendency to manipulate others and narcissism.

< Sweet

Many tend to think that the weakness for sweets - a sign of lack of willpower. They say that man is unable to control themselves adequately and protect from harmful, though delicious foods. Share truth in this, of course, there is. However, scientists from the University of North Dakota (USA) claim that there is a love for sweets and a big plus.

According to researchers, a sweet tooth points, primarily on personality traits such as compassion, friendliness and openness in communication.

During the experiment, with the participation of volunteer students, scientists have found that the confectionery lovers are able to communicate more at ease with strangers, as well as other more readily willing to help people in distress.

< The speed and manner < br>
These indicators can also serve as an indicator of a certain character. Let us examine the most common types.

< bustler. If a person is trying to destroy the contents of the plates as soon as possible, probably in his life, he pays very little time to himself, but in excess it brings to others.

The slow.

Whoever measured crawl on a plate with a fork, slowly sending in a mouth piece by piece, - the exact opposite of the first type. Such people like themselves and know their value. According to behavioral eating expert Juliet Poghosyan, these characters can be very harsh and inflexible in dealing with others, when it comes to their personal interests

¬ęThe main thing in their lives - they do." - said the expert.

separates the ingredients from each other. Users, carefully separate the vegetables from the meat (even if it's stew), lays out the different components of the dishes on different ends of the plates do not occur often. However, they do exist. The habit of "bridging" procedure on a plate before you start your meal, says a high organizational abilities of man, and that such people tend to be responsible in everything. Their main priority in life - order and order again


lovers mix.

This type - the exact opposite of the previous one. Representatives of the group can not stand to eat the food ingredients individually. Their favorite activity - to mix as many different components can be


Such people are distinguished by openness, sociability, desire to experiment. As a rule, this kind of characters strong relationships with friends, and more - they know how to take responsibility. Often, however, people in this category have a problem with the ability to concentrate on important matters

lovers slurp Those who publish without much embarrassment during the meal loud sounds -.. Nature for the most part "not out of this world. " In a good way. Such people are a little concerned about the opinions of others, they rarely take it to heart.

Rezalschiki. Representatives of this type prefer to carefully cut the contents of the plate into small pieces and only then proceed directly to the meal. Such people are different analytical mind. They are good strategists and planners who are able to look into their future and make plans.

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