20 breaths - a unique experience to rejuvenate the whole body!

The question of eternal youth care for thousands of years, much beautiful half of humanity precisely.

I tried many methods of rejuvenation. Authors of their approach from different positions in the process of rejuvenation and preserving youth. Most of these methods at best briefly improves the appearance.

But effective are those that as one of the main components of the elixir of youth is determined based on the breath and breathing practices. Why? I for myself have defined it as:


We all know that without food a person can live about 40 days. From craving (ie without water), he died in 5-7 days, but no air can live only 2-3 minutes. That is breathing much more important for the body than water and food! I was convinced!

Respiratory Practice "20 breaths" - a conscious breathing or rebirthing, which is described in the book by Leonard Orr "Drop the habit of dying."

What can you personally get from this breathing practice?

You get saturation of the organism with energy, which is distributed to all body systems, primarily for the respiratory system, the nervous system, and the circulatory system.
You will receive a mental cleansing of parasites, so-called "stuck" emotions, which may be inside for years.
You get the oxygen saturation of the body, good nutrition for the cells. And it promotes the birth of new cells and rejuvenate the body.

One of the basic exercises, open Leonard rebirthing is a simple exercise that I call "20 breaths" for ease of memorization.

This exercise consists of twenty breaths, which are interconnected. You can do this exercise whenever there feel the need (for example, do not have enough energy or a stressful situation). If you decide to learn this exercise, and enter it into a habit, in the first week, it is desirable to practice it at least several times a day:

Respiratory Practice "20 breaths»
How to do this exercise?

First make four short inhalation and exhalation.
Then take one long breath and exhale.
Inhale and exhale only through the nose.
Each series (four short and one long) breaths, repeat four times. So do twenty breaths without delay and stop.
Inhaling and exhaling should be done together between them do not need to pause and breathing should be connected.

Thus, you will make a series of twenty interconnected, without all sorts of delays and pauses, breaths.

Make a conscious breath and relaxed a full exhalation. Also, be careful to breathe in and out were about one length.

Short breaths should go to each other and become a continuous cycle.

When doing a long breath, then fill your lungs to the limit, and then completely push the air you exhale.

Breathe at a pace that suits you, and in no way does not bother. With this approach, you will not only inhale the air, but also special energy - prana. So she called yogis, and the Chinese this energy is called chi.

First, because of the unfamiliarity of the breath, you may experience some discomfort, such as light tingling in certain parts of the body - hands, feet, or anywhere else, as well as a slight dizziness

. Continuing on a regular basis (daily) sessions, you will notice that the discomfort went away. This is a signal that you have learned to breathe consciously, and that breath began to bring your body to use.

Try this simple breathing and your health begins to change for the better.

Author: Galina Apolonskaya


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