This natural remedy - the secret of luxury hair and the health of Japanese women!

In women, Asian race endometriosis, and other hormone-dependent female problems are rare. The reason is that the basis of the power they have - soy products containing high levels of female hormones analogues. About soy so much controversy is that I will not refute anything, I personally have not enough for this argument. Just bring some facts, and each will decide for themselves whether to use soy him. Personally, I use a long time, in different forms and in large quantities, as the great respect for Chinese medicine and the Chinese claim (in particular) that replacing milk protein soy reduces the probability of formation of gallstones.

Today, one of the stories - about the preparation of dairy products from soy milk


Japanese write that soy yogurt is very useful. They like soy milk (and the products of it) immensely, consuming everything in huge quantities. A cow's milk is almost never drink. The forums on soy and health can often be found "I do not like soy milk." And for good reason. The woman is obliged to love him for his own good as.

Soy milk, seasoned with yogurt, kefir forms, and dressed with sour cream (sour cream 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of milk) - fermented baked milk. Cooking is easy at home.

At first leaven is prepared:

Day 1:
1 h. L. dark unpolished rice "gemmay" washed, put in a cup of not less than 300 ml, 60 ml and poured soy milk. Aged twenty-four hours at room temperature. The first portion of milk rice spoon barely covers is difficult, but you can see how she froze "jelly" (the first portion is longer, and then faster). If it's hot, you can not follow, the leaven can be prepared instantly and even exfoliate. But even in this form it is suitable.

Day 2:
at leaven added another 60 ml of soy milk, aged 8-10 hours. By hardening the surface is added in 60 ml of milk and was kept still for about 8 hours. The leaven is ready. After cooking, starter must keep in refrigerator. Then one liter of soy milk are put 2 tbsp. leaven spoon is left at room temperature. Through time, the kefir is ready (the time will depend on the ambient temperature).

This is a traditional recipe. A fermenting is possible not only rice but also lemon, strawberries, raisins, seeds from pickled plums, olives and honey, as well as the mint leaves. I found the advice - to use for the preparation of soy leaven the usual starter, which is used for the manufacture of similar products from cow's milk. To do this, soymilk (a small amount) to add a little leaven ready for cow's milk, put in a warm place, that it soured.

Soy yogurt is almost no different appearance and taste of the ordinary, will be ready within a few hours. If you replace the yogurt with sour cream, much the same way you can get a product that resembles in quality fermented baked milk. By adding soy milk Lactobacillus acidophilus, contained in the same kefir, we get his full analogue etc.

That soy yogurt, fermented baked milk and yogurt are used to make tofu. The technology of this process does not differ from that used in the production of ordinary cheese. Tofu is also possible to prepare yourself. Frankly, I do not know how tofu spread in different countries. Where live Chinese, tofu, most likely, you can buy them in supermarkets. And cheap, and high quality. If you want to make yourself, the description is easy to find on the Internet. In short - to prepare as well as cheese from cow's milk

. Also met jar interesting Japanese folk remedies for hair growth. Today I will talk about the use of the Japanese soy to improve hair.

In general, in Japan on the 1st place for the care of hair is kinako - a meal of roasted and milled soybeans. Kinako it's just a storehouse of isoflavones, essential for women after 35 years. In kinako twice the amount of isoflavones than other soy products. Thinning hair (and in men - and bald spots on the crown) - is one of the signs of excess male and a lack of female hormones in the body. Isoflavones from kinako soften the effect of male hormones and enhance the action of the female.

Kinako rich in high quality protein, vitamins B1 and B2 contains a lot of potassium, zinc and iron. Kinako milk is popular among professional athletes. In cooking, often used for dusting sweets, but may be the main component of food. Kinako has a taste similar to peanut butter. In Asian stores are sold off the shelf. Be sure to read the label, it is just soy flour (from the unroasted beans), and kinako (from roasted).

Home cooked very simply, soybeans slightly roasted on a dry frying pan or in the oven (30 minutes at 180 degrees, then you need a little break to separate the grain and chaff (you can blow the hairdryer), and only then grind)

. Detergent from kinako especially effective during the approach of lowering hormonal, when the hair can lose its shape. Influence of hormones on the hair from the outside rather than the inside - this is a way to faster and gives excellent results

. How to: dissolve in water tank with 2 teaspoons flour kinako, lower capacity in the hair, gently rub the solution into the scalp in the hair wash. Rinse with water to wash out of hair kinako. Apply 1-2 times a week instead of the usual shampoo.

Effect: rapid strengthening of hair, getting rid of the dryness, itching and dandruff scalp

. Non-Japanese, using this method, they say that there is a feeling of hair unwashed. And added to the infusion kinako some shampoo. I - non-Japanese, and I did not get to wash your hair in the tank. For long hair is not washed from the flour, I pour hot water pre-Kinoko, filtered through time infusion (thick can be eaten, it is quite delicious, nutty odor), my hair with shampoo and rinse with a solution of Kinoko, adding a bit of the air conditioner. Not according to the rules described in the Japanese magazine, but I feel so comfortable. But the classic recipe used by Japanese women, yet more correct.

To strengthen the hair and enhance their growth, getting rid of gray hair drink beverage kinako seeds and black sesame (also related to fitogormonam). In addition to the action on the hair, it is quite delicious drink has a great healing effect on the hormonal system, helps prevent osteoporosis, lose weight, get rid of constipation.

For the preparation should take 180 ml (or less) of any milk, add 1-3 hours. L. kinako and the same amount of ground black sesame (white sesame peeled several times weaker). Eat every day.

By the way, with sesame seeds do not need to go too far (like if you drink), sesame seed is not recommended to take more than 4 tsp in a day. In kinako it contains a lot of lecithin - "vitamin of youth", as they call it Japanese. It enhances scalp circulation of the blood and thus, enhances the nutrition of hair, in connection with which one can hope to get rid of gray hair and volosopada. By experience, the assembled magazine, for 2 weeks of application volosopad completely stops and starts young hair growth.

But, nevertheless, it is impossible to claim that 2 weeks will stop hair loss. The most common hair loss - is a sign of digestive disorders, and it will not restore 2 weeks drinking milk with different additives (though useful)

. Japanese abut it on the use of this drink with Kinoko. Sesame in this case it is better to put shredded, and generally recommended to add it in other dishes (not to exceed the daily rate of 4 tsp). Allegedly, in the use of black sesame gray hair does not appear. But to restore hair loss after only sesame enough, it is necessary to mix Kinoko.


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