15 quotations from the unsurpassed master of journalism Vladimir Pozner

His work on television does not leave anyone indifferent - it has a lot of both friends and enemies. < Website draw your attention to the 15 most accurate and topical quotes from the genius of modern journalism, who turned 82 on April 1 year.

About the
  • You can not teach a person to be a journalist, because it is a way of life, it is a certain internal state. Man needs to understand why, in fact, he is engaged in it.
  • You know, to work on the air, you can not know the language perfectly. In general, a perfect one does not know any language.
  • Interview I love. To interview me - the queen of journalism. I get great pleasure, in short, can it do almost anything I want.
  • Place in the Sun need to prove work, not money and connections.
  • The TV journalism the most important is the ability to punching screen and how to sit next to the person that you are looking at. This is a major TV talent.

    About time, people and the meaning of life
    • All reversible, except for the time.
      • the freedom and responsibility - are two sides of the same coin, the first without the second is not. But a slave by definition irresponsible, for it corresponds to the owner. For a slave, there will - what I want, then turn back, -. That has nothing to do with freedom
        • The more you risk, the more you live
        • You can fail any exam, except for one: the mirror test. Every morning you get up and looking in the mirror and shaving. So, God forbid that ever you wanted to spit in his reflection
          • The myth that the Russian people can drink a lot of vodka -. It's a good myth. And the fact that all Russian alcoholics -. Are already poor
            • I understand that it sounds a bit romantic, but where we can make a difference, we must do it.
              • The most heartless that there is in the world is money. And when money is the measure of success, a tool of independence, peace of mind, there is alienation.
                • I do not mind to be rich. I am opposed to the poor were

                • Farewell to illusions -. A painful process, because these illusions kind of drug for us
                  • This film ( "One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest"), turned my life. There's a scene where the hero Nicholson, who is in a mental hospital, convinces the rest of its inhabitants, that tear off the floor stone washbasin. He tries to do it, but it does not work. And they begin to banter over it, and he says: "At least I tried." And I suddenly realized that this is the whole meaning of life! You can not say 'yes will not work. " You have to try, this is the only thing worth living ...

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