Beach style in politics

I offer you a selection of photos that were made during the rest of the people of big politics.

CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev in the family shorts, leaning against the wall of a typical Soviet glass blocks, as it were, represents an era of stagnation name itself - a relatively well-fed and deceptively stable. Topic telephone conversation Leonid Ilyich difficult to guess - it can be like hunting and nuclear warheads.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the image of the Roman emperor. Despite the majestic pose, the permanent leader of the LDPR is close to the people, his things familiar to Russian people on vacation. Green panties policy and a bottle of crystal clear water underline its vitality and unity with nature.

Presidential Clintons - Hillary and Bill - even in bathing suits behave like a true lady and gentleman. Boat with a paddle and a good physical form of the spouses (when Clinton came to power, both were already decently forty) shows that the Clintons - the supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

The first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin free has never been shy to show itself for what it is - with all its physical and personal shortcomings. Opening the main public policy of the country is particularly striking against the background of a man in a suit on the background photo.

Already being the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy took the unprecedented for the head of the country's move - for the third time married. And not for someone, and luxurious Model Carla Bruni. In the photo - the couple chose the same color underwear bathing, demonstrating to the public of their union, despite the rumors, a 10-year difference in age and 10 cm - in height (Bruni above and younger than her husband).

Barack Obama, as always, in good shape, though flaunting not all parts of the body. Unlike anything do not hesitate to Russian politicians' 90s on it - long trunks knee.


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