English rarest cat

In the UK, famous cat named Jake. He is a real rarity, because with such a painting is born to 400 thousand cats.

Seemingly ordinary cat is no different from the thousands of their furry cousins, but it is only at first glance. Jake - an incredible three-color cat. Such cases are very rare in nature, because the so-called "tortoiseshell" color, combining black, white and red colors are only cats.

Owner Jake - 22-year-old Richard Smith - bought a pet, per 20 pounds. Now Jake eleven months. Due to its incredible coloring of the cat mystery of nature not only stunned the vets, but became famous throughout Britain. Richard did not even know what an amazing animal he bought until he okryli eyes to what is happening in the veterinary clinic, where he suffered Jake for examination and vaccinations. "The vet took the kitten and said, I know it's a girl. When I said it was a boy, he could not believe his ears and check to see if I'm lying. When he saw that the boy Jake, you do not have to believe my own eyes, because he had never seen a cat tortoiseshell over thirty years of veterinary practice, "- says Richard Smith in an interview.

"The doctor explained that it was an incredibly rare event, since most Mother Nature laid that cats, unlike cats, can be only two colors, but not the tricolor," - said the young man. The fact that cats usually there is only one X-chromosome DNA, which means that their maximum color may combine two colors. "The vet said it was just an accident in the DNA when the cat tortoiseshell," - said Richard.

However, the state of health of their pet is not affected. It's about the uniqueness does not even know, and behaves like an ordinary cat cheerful healthy - eating, sleeping and playing. And chose a rare pet among several kittens five year old son Richard - Harvey. "You know, even though he is a rarity with a walking mystery of nature for a couple, we have not given much thought about it. We just love Jake, he's our cat, "- says Richard Smith.

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