Incredible story happened with prominent politicians.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said as his own hands pulled from Pripyat three huge Som - weighing 57, 24 and 7 kg. We remembered the other incredible stories happened with prominent politicians.
57-pound catfish Alexander Lukashenko

Usually the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has not demonstrated unprecedented advances in fishing, his horse - hockey and skiing. But after last week, Russian leader Vladimir Putin caught in Tuva big pike (more about it in the caption to the next slide), decided to throw the bait and Lukashenko. Fishing, he chose the Pripyat River, which, according to the Belarusian president, until recently, was bezrybnoy. However, in the river "cleaned up" and now the "finger stick your, finger fish enough," Lukashenko assured and as proof of these words said about the giant catfish 57 kg, which caught his own. "I am, however, a fisherman, as a hunter, but sometimes I remember childhood" - the president added modestly.

Lukashenka much more confident feel in the sport. For example, in hockey, he always plays in the form of number 1, which is usually owned by the rules of hockey goalkeeper (Lukashenko also acts as a winger). Team president traditionally unlucky.

21-pound pike Vladimir Putin

Last fishing Putin made a big splash on the Internet. And this is not surprising. After all, the president managed to catch pike weighing 21 kg. However, not all believe in such luck, nicknamed trophy "Churov pike." Resonance was so great that to protect Putin had to stand by his press secretary. "I have personally seen the scale and was present at the weigh-in. The fish weighed more than 20 kg, "- said Dmitry Peskov," RIA Novosti ».

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a Russian leader befall incredible stories. So, in August 2011 during an archaeological expedition Putin sank to the bottom of the Taman Gulf. And even at a depth of two meters discovered a phenomenal discovery - ancient amphorae, which is still remembered in the Internet.

60-pound tarpon Bush

Big fish get hooked not only the president of the former Soviet Union. In 2008, tarpon weighing 61 kg 2 in southern Florida caught former US President George HW Bush. For this he used a conventional spinning, but as bait - crab. To drag prey on board a motorboat 84-year-old policy took 45 minutes. Tarpon photographed and measured (later to make a copy for the Texas Memorial Library). After that, the fish ... released. It should be noted, Bush Sr. is known for his passion for fishing and even threw the bait in the company of Vladimir Putin (pictured). And one of the fishing tournament in Florida even bears his name. Link to fishing was passed and Bush. At the end of the term prezidetskogo he admitted that the best thing that happened to him during the presidency - is catching perch weighing 3, 5 kg.

Assault Rabbit Jimmy Carter

About this story US President Jimmy Carter himself told his staff. According to policy, in April 1979, he was fishing on a boat alone at home in Georgia when he noticed like a rabbit "jumped out of the water and swam behind the boat." "When he swam very close, I sprayed it with water using a paddle," - said Carter upon return. However, the story was leaked to the press immediately. In August, his press secretary Jody Powell told the story Associated Press reporter Brooks Jackson, who wrote about it on 29 August. The news caused a lot of noise, and even newspaper Washigton Post published on its front page. Article was accompanied by a caricature of a poster for the film about the shark attack "Jaws" with the words "Paws". It is reported that there is a picture of the meeting Carter and rabbit, take photographs of the White House. But the administration has not given him.

Meeting of the head of Kalmykia with the aliens

In 2010, the former president of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in the transfer Vladimir Pozner made a sensational confession. It turned out that he was one of the few who met with the aliens. According to Ilyumzhinov, landmark vstracha occurred the evening of September 8, 1997. Policies already bedtime in his apartment in Moscow, when I suddenly heard a cry from the balcony. Ilyumzhinov went to the balcony and saw a translucent tube and went into it. Inside his waiting men in yellow suits. He spoke kindly to them at the level of thought. He had a tour of the ship and released. "I probably would not have believed it if I had not had three witnesses: my driver, a minister, my assistant," - says the head of the region.

"Nuclear briefcase" Boris Yeltsin

In the chapter "very personal" in his book "The Presidential Marathon" former Russian President Boris Yeltsin described as one of his guests was almost discovered "nuclear briefcase." Amusing incident occurred in 1991 while hunting on the farm "Zavidovo" in the Moscow region. "I will never forget, as one foreign guest when sailing on a boat on the lake, all looked at the black suitcase at the bottom of the boat. Thought that nuclear. Try to keep away from the suitcase, all strove on the edge of the boat otsest. I did not argue. And when the island opened the suitcase and took out two bottles of vodka and pickles Guest laughed "- recalled the president.

Extraordinary flair Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez differed incredible flair. It became clear in 2006, when speaking at the UN General Assembly, he called US President George W. Bush, who was speaking at the same place the previous day, the devil. "Today we still smells of sulfur" - said Chavez. Changes in the White House, Chavez also felt thanks to the sense of smell. In 2009, after the departure of George Bush as president of the United States, he again spoke to the UN. "Today there is no longer smells of sulfur, the smell was gone. It smells of something else rather hope, "- said the Venezuelan leader.

Prophetic bird Nicolas Maduro

Speaking in the state of Mérida in June 2013, Nicolas Maduro, Chavez's successor as president of Venezuela, unexpectedly announced that he was died a few months earlier predecessor. According to Maduro, Chavez appeared to him in the form of a bird. The bird sang, what the new president of Venezuela saw a good sign. This conclusion Maduro came on the grounds that Chavez recorded during the lifetime of the disk songs. It should be noted that this was not the first appearance of "birds of Chavez." In early April, two weeks before the presidential election, Maduro said, like a bird whistling, three flew around his head. Maduro called it a "sign" a blessing Chavez to participate in elections.

Fainting Berlusconi hunting in Russia

After a series of publications portal WikiLeaks about the close relationship of Prime Ministers of Italy and the Russian newspaper La Stampa published the text without references about how Berlusconi and Putin hunted together in Russia. "Silvio wearing a fur hat and went with Putin walks in the snow - wrote the publication. - They said they were making plans, decided something by not yet flashed shadow. Putin raised his gun and fired. He killed a deer with one shot. Taking out a large knife, opened the deer chest, drew the heart and handed it to his guest as a sign of fraternal friendship. And very upset when he saw that the guest pale and collapsed like a wall in Pompeii. " Date deer hunting newspaper did not specify. According to Wikileaks, Berlusconi was at a party at the birthday party of Putin in 2010.

As George W. Bush get lucky

In the ranking politicians who are more likely to fall into the wacky situations, George W. Bush would have had every chance to get on one of the first places. In general, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it was on him in May 2007 during a press conference and a bird flew spoiled president suit. Bush tried to clean the jacket, but only smeared spot. Commenting on the case, a representative of the Press Secretary of the White House spokeswoman Dana Perino was optimistic: "It was a good day for him, because everyone knows that it is a sign of good luck."


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