What drove the bandits in the film "Boomer"

Russian crime drama "Boomer" was 10 years old. One of the most successful films of the 90's dashing good propiaril the BMW 7-Series in a 38-m body. This car moved the main characters of the film - Peter, Dimon, Kostya and Lech. But the bandits in "Boomer" went not only to the "seven". Car crime bosses in the film is very diverse. Interestingly, most of the criminals in the "boomers" move on machines Mercedes. Did you know that the film has "lit up" two Japanese sports car, which become a star in "Fast & Furious"? In honor of the 10th anniversary of the famous films prepared an overview of all the machines that drove the bandits in "Boomer».

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In the very first scene of the film we see a BMW 750iL 1995 of release with Latvian numbers. In the story, the main characters in the film steal this car. As such, the E38 was produced from September 1994 to 1998. In the 14th minute movie the guy at the gas station asked Petit (nicknamed "Frame"), it is for the version of "Seven", he replied: "Seven hundred and fiftieth." The young man said, "five-liter?", And received an affirmative answer. In fact, under the hood of the car, who starred in the film - 5, 4-liter V12, 326 hp power. from. (and 490 Nm). Before hundreds of elongated sedan weighing more than 2 tons, dispersed for 6, 6 seconds. The maximum speed - 250 km / h. No wonder that after watching "Boomer" dreamed about this car every other kid in the post-Soviet space.

Stealing cars heroes arrived at the white Mercedes E-Class in body W210. This machine was the reason for the conflict between the two gangs, and often appears in the frame throughout the film. Already in the third minute, we see another Mercedes - SL 129-m body. This roadster was manufactured from 1989 to 2001 and is a rare and expensive car.

One more crime bosses in the "Boomer" went to the Lexus RX and the first generation of the BMW 5-Series in the back of E39. It is with them in the conflict on the road came Dimon ("scalded"). The filming took part Lexus RX300, intended for the European market and are available from 2000 to 2003. The car is painted in silver color, which differs from the similar color to the markets of the USA and Japan.


Another Mercedes we see in the 7th minute of the movie. It appears in the frame Mercedes G-Class, which began to haunt the protagonists as soon as they took the car out of the garage. At the gas station, where the new BMW owners have tried to refuel for radio, local criminals approached on Lada 21099. And their friends (or, more precisely, the bosses) came removing coupe Mercedes E220 in 124-m body. One of the most popular in Russia modifications W124. There are convertible on the basis of the coupe.

When Kostya (aka "The Cat") called Cyril and the latter began to describe the events that happened the day before, the film demonstrates two of the car, which moved the bandits - Toyota Land Cruiser and Volkswagen Caravelle. SUV Toyota has slipped in the conversations between the main characters. In addition, the dialogue between "hold" refills and owners BMW, first mentioned Mitsubishi Pajero. Love Bandits Japanese SUVs!


Proof of this is the appearance in the film Nissan Patrol 1988 release. On this machine, the bandits came a roadside cafe where truckers had dinner and the main characters of the film. But more interesting is the second car, which came to the local "authorities". This Nissan 300ZX. Actually I wonder why the director chose this car. It is not associated with a gang and is a favorite model for further tuning.

In the "Boomer" attended Coupe second generation 300ZX. The car was produced from 1989 to 2000, and is extremely rare in the sale. Nissan 300ZX produced exclusively in Japan (at the plant in the city of Hiratsuka). At home, the car was sold as the Fairlady Z. The shooting of Russian film has been involved instance 1991 release. Under the hood of the car - 3-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 283 liters. from. This car is equipped with a 5-speed "mechanics" (was another 4-band "automatic") and dispersed to hundreds of 5, 9 seconds.

Another surprising car that was seen in "Boomer" Mitsubishi GTO is a right-hand drive (we better known as 3000GT). In the film it was moving some "Elephant". But due to the debt machine seized other criminal figures. Anyway, it does not negate the exclusive all-wheel drive (!) Japanese coupe. Under the hood of a red car - 3-liter V6, equipped with a turbine. Plant capacity is 280 liters. from. Produced cars from 1990 to 2005. Interestingly, in Russia it is most common GTO, a not 3000GT. Thanks to the Japanese market for used cars.

As you can see, other than "merci", "Boomer" and "Kruzak" gangsters in the 1990s and went to a more interesting and original machines. Although, of course, the most desirable cars in the criminal world are models of BMW and Mercedes. After a VAZ "nines" bandits boarded it on the machine manufacturer data.




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