That is how the fate of a favorite actor of the cult film "Boomer"

Feature film directed by debutant Peter Buslova "Boomer" was released in 2003 and earned the title of overnight Russian cult road movie, becoming the undisputed symbol of the generation of the 90s. Not everyone accepted unequivocally picture (especially among critics and industry professionals), but played it the actors became stars, and their citations went to the people. .

Vladimir Vdovichenkov (Kostya "The Cat»)

For Vdovichenkova role Bones "Cat" was the debut in cinema. After reading the script for "boomers" who showed him the future operator of the picture Daniel Gurevich, the actor said he was ready to act even for free. Hero Vdovichenkova in "Boomer" is considered the "brain" of the entire group, his authoritative opinion and greatly influences the actions and deeds of others.

Work on the "Boomer" was parallel with the filming of the television series "Brigade" at Mosfilm where Vdovichenkov played Phil. Images of the characters in both films are similar in part, but the actor himself gives preference to "boomers" are not quite sure what exactly is the phenomenon of the "Brigade".

Characteristic ringer mobile phone Bones "Cat" became a cult classic for the whole country - the melody, even after a dozen years has been actively downloaded online services Google Play and iTunes.

In autumn 2010, the actor on his way to rehearsals got into a squabble with the driver of the jeep at one of the capital's avenues. As a result, the owner of the SUV fired several shots into Vdovichenkova from a traumatic gun at close range. Fortunately, the actor suffered not much escaped with bruises on his face and a hospital. Since then, he has strongly advocated the legalization of civilian gun ownership.

For his role in "Boomer" Vladimir Vdovichenkov in 2007 was awarded "Idol." He starred in the sequel "Boomer", and more than 50 films and television series. Vdovichenkov in demand in the theater: first, he worked in the troupe Mossovet, and then he was called to the theater Vakhtangov.

In 2014, the screens in Russia and Europe entered the picture Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Leviathan", which played the role of a lawyer Vdovichenkov. The shooting of the picture, he met actress Helen Liadov ("Treason", "Orleans"), which was its fourth in a row and his wife.

Andrew Merzlikin (Dimon "scalded»)

Prior to working with Peter Buslova acted only in episodic roles. After the premiere of "Boomer" Merzlikin a while he could not get rid of the "gangster" image and told his friends that when he came to the provincial town, heard from the crowd: "It's the same, because of which the boys died from Boomer! What are you watching? We have you now divide the entire face! ».

Perhaps it is the desire to get rid of pesky associations affected his fruitful acting break. Merzlikin not like the feeling of stagnation - in less than 12 years after the premiere of "Boomer" he played at least a hundred roles, none of which is not similar to "Dimona scalded": the heroic Lieutenant Kizhevatov in "Brest Fortress" commando Maul in "swing" Tamada in the "story". November 26, 2015 on Russian screens out drama "The teacher" in which Andrei Merzlikin played a major role.

After a cameo in the sequel "Boomer" Peter Buslov longer called Merzlikina in their films. In a recent interview, the actor said that really wants to work again with the director. Buslov heard him and offered a supporting role in his new thriller "Homeland".

Andrew Merzlikin is a staunch Orthodox. He observes the fasts, communion, married his wife, with whom has three children - Theodore, Evdokia and Seraphim.

Maxim Konovalov (Lech "Killa»)

To get started with Buslov, Maxim Konovalov ten years acted in films. But the picture that brought him wide fame, it was the "Boomer", where the actor played convincingly Lech nicknamed "Killa" - the most aggressive character of the quartet responsible for all the troubles that occur with your friends.

In his own words, to depict the gangster was not difficult - helped the rich life experience 90. The actor said in several interviews that after the premiere of his a few years, many of the real representatives of the criminal world thought of "his", ignoring the cast image. After shooting in the "Boomer" actor sat on the BMW 750 - exactly the same as in the film.

Now filmography Konovalov more than 50 works. Among them is the painting "What a wonderful game," "Playing the Victim", TV series "Soldiers", "Moscow. Three Station "," Father's Daughter. " The actor can not boast the same popularity as that Vdovichenkova and Merzlikina, which, however, does not prevent him to appear in cameo roles, as well as participate in various TV shows like "Dancing With the Stars." Maxim Konovalov personally built a big house in the suburbs, she is happily married and has three children.

Sergey Gorobchenko (Peter "Rama»)

The phrase "Do not we - life is" delivered Gorobchenko hero in "Boomer", instantly became a young actor from "Lenkom" famous.

Reminisces about his work in the "Boomer" Gorobchenko not like, considering it passed the stage of his life. Now he is actively engaged in several television series, parallel filming in advertising mobile operators. After the "Boomer" Gorobchenko decisively changed the role and is now playing mainly police officers and heroes of classical works. On account of his role in "Doctor Zhivago," "The Brothers Karamazov", "officer" and other popular TV movies.

After filming "Boomer", he landed a starring role in the television series "Moskva.Tsentralny district", where he played an opera Volodya Repeynikova. On fee from the first season of the series Gorobchenko bought a semi-annual subscription for the study of English and moved to New York, where in their free time singing with a guitar in a bar. Initially, he wanted to star in a western movie, repeatedly visited the auditions in Los Angeles, but the only painting in which Gorobchenko managed to work with foreigners, was the film "Moscow Heat" with Alexander Nevsky and Michael York.

Since 2008 Gorobchenko - son-known Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov. November 15, 2015 Gorobchenko became a father for the sixth (!) Times - Polina Nevzorova bore him a daughter.

Vasily Sedykh (rustic demobilization)

After episodic, but bright as a drunken muster in "Boomer" Grizzly filmed mainly in the television series. For example, on account of his role of Captain Tsyplakova in five seasons of the series "Soldiers".

It is hard to imagine, but Vasily Sedykh is also a professional dancer. More than 15 years he worked the head of the tap dance school "Elite School of Tap" and teaches tap-dance in the WTU them. Shchukin. Among the music genres "demobilization" Grizzly preference for funk, hip-hop and jazz-Ashida.

Peter Buslov (bandit Senior)

In the role of 'brother' in the "Boomer" starred and directed the picture, 27-year-old graduate of VGIK Peter Buslov. In the episode where fugitives trying to free refuel at the gas station, it appears in the entourage charismatic bandit "Senior". It stops the ripening conflict and takes passengers "Boomer" poured gasoline car instead.

"Boomer" was the first feature film director, he took off on his own script on a very modest money. However, none of the subsequent works Buslova could not get ahead of "Boomer" of folk-pop.

In 2006, Peter took Buslov "Boomer. The second film, "which is dedicated to the deceased Karmadon Gorge Sergei Bodrov. Picture warm enough was greeted by critics and audience.

Five years later Buslov released a picture of "Vysotsky. Thank you for living ", which does not become a cult, but it gave rise to many jokes over the make-up and run Bezrukov name. In between shooting films he was involved in directing episodes in Russian serials. The latest to date is the work of director dramatic thriller "Homeland", released on Russian screens in the autumn of 2015.

In the future, Peter Buslov plans to shoot a film about the Great Patriotic War, and, if possible, a biographical picture about Joseph Stalin.

Alex Oshurkov (Long husky)

Before filming "Boomer" actor he worked at the Chekhov Art Theater. Gorky. After a cameo in "bad" trucker named "husky", Alexei Oshurkov plunged into the series.

Over the past dozen years after the premiere of "Boomer" Oshurkov marked in small roles in "battalions", "Churchill" and "Kotovsky", and also played the role of Major Zubov in the 16th season of the television series "Soldiers". In 2015, he starred in Climate Poplavskiy "Decent people" as a traffic policeman.

Anatoly Koshcheev (Long Brake)

While Peter Buslov not called an actor in "Boomer", no longer a young Koshcheev has worked in many theaters throughout Russia. During the crisis of the 90's he had the time to give up acting vocation and master carpenter profession, so that on the set to Buslova actor was literally out of the studio.

After the premiere of "Boomer" Koshcheev received an offer to appear on the channel RenTV Danyluk as ensign in the new project "Soldiers". As a result, Koshcheev starred in almost all seasons of popular TV series and became one of its central characters. In 2014, he appeared in a cameo role in the TV series "Matchmaker." In his spare time, Anatoly Koshcheev loves to tinker at their summer cottage not far from suburban Bronnitsy.

Dmitry Mukhamadeyev (young trucker)

The "boomers" have virtually no Muhamadeeva remarks, although he - the only character pattern, managed to damage the car BMW 750i, which drive around the main characters.

After the "Boomer" Philip Jankowski starred in "The State Councilor" as a bomber and Fyodor Bondarchuk in "9 Rota", where he played the role of Sergeant bright Athanasius. In 2015, the screens out the ninth season of the cult series "Cop Wars" in which Mukhamadeyev appeared before the audience in the form of a ruthless business Panayotov, one of the main antagonists of Colonel Shilov.

Now Mukhamadeyev engaged in several major theater projects, including a statement of Oleg Menshikov "Players" and the performance director Alexei Kiryushchenko "Marry You have, sir!" Based comedy Nekrasov.

Vladimir Sychev (gangster named Jumble)

Vladimir Sychev hit the "Boomer" after a long break in her acting career. What was an actor in the dashing 90 prefers not to talk, but the image of the bandit Yeralash in two stages and has become a cult phrase "What do you say, on the f ***?" Were given to him suspiciously easy.

After shooting at Buslova actor who began his career as a child in the newsreel "Jumble", was released on a new round of career and starred in two dozen films and TV series. In 2014, the channel launched TNT series "Fizruk" where Sychev starred Psycho.



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