For those who remember the Computer Clubs early 2000s

In those days, when home computers and the Internet have been the subjects of chic and luxury, enjoyed wildly popular computer game clubs. Tens of thousands of students across the country would sit there almost all my free time. This post is for those who remember what "to the crowd on the night┬╗.


The club had its own atmosphere. In the truest sense of the word: here usually it was stuffy and smelled of cigarette smoke and cheap cologne for men. The main contingent - Students of almost all ages.



Very small shket usually not allowed and they are often crowded at the entrance, hoping to sneak with his older friends. And, of course, local punks who constantly rubbed some of these clubs shooting at all on some rubles.



Money usually save on school lunches. Great joy was when the parents were allowed to keep the delivery of bread and milk. Every penny received immediately put off by the fact that the hack to death then counter with your friends.





Admin to manage the club. Oh, it was the king and god, which all tried to make friends because friends admin allowed to play for free. And yet he could not play anything for your main computer, and even get paid for it. Then for all visitors of the club that was an accomplishment.


Special chic club was to a large company for the night. This succeeded very rarely had time off from their parents and generally at least a month before to behave well, to let go. Of course, that you're going to go to the night club no parents never spoke. The most common excuse was: "Can I have a friend spend the night?┬╗.


Of course, that was spent playing in clubs is not only free time, but often training. To escape from the lessons also needed to invent some conspiratorial schemes that it did not recognize the parents.



In general, the era of computer gaming clubs were though short, but very interesting and memorable. Of course, we can not say that such activities were some super-nice, but this was a fun and a thrill. Contra, Halfa, Ma Payne, creepy curves flash-games, Happy Three Friends Masyanya and ... Oh, happy day.



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