Computer parts that need to be recycled

Thanks to new inventions and technologies currently, there are many kinds of equipment and devices that contain computer elements. It is very good. But there is another side of the coin of technological progress, which mankind must remember. In the end-of-life computer components must be disposed of properly.


Every electronic component contains materials such as various types of plastics and many metals that will harm our planet if we recycle them incorrectly. In recirculation has the advantage of saving valuable resources, which one day will be able to significantly affect the world economy.

Computer parts that need to be recycled

Electronic boards of computers. These include the motherboard, the "daughter card", such as video cards, sound cards, network cards, modem, memory modules, SIMM modules, etc. Computer. This includes all USB-card, such as a USB flash drive, flash memory, wireless cards, etc. Computer drives & storage: CD-ROM, DVD ROM, DVD drives, Blue Ray drives, hard drives, etc. power Sources. These include power supplies inside the computer and external power source for devices associated with the computer. External and output devices, such as printers, LCD monitors and CRT monitors, processing which is very important for the ecology of the planet. But not only do not have parts subject to processing. Cell phones also pose a danger to the environment if wasted. The average lifespan of a mobile phone is 18 months. These days almost everyone has a mobile phone that is lost, broken or replaced by an updated version. If the phone is scrapped, the battery will be the most dangerous component. Before cell phones was Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and Nickel-metal batteries. Cadmium for humans acts as a carcinogen, which causes cancer. New phone batteries contain potentially explosive lithium-ion batteries or lead, so recycling mobile phones is extremely important.

The good news is that most of these computer components contain precious metals, so for companies it makes sense to do processing in order to extract silver, copper, gold, and palladium, and the purchase of precious metals from old electronic devices is considered a profitable deal for both sides. published

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