Clothing pop stars in the New Wave

"New Wave" - ​​the annual music competition based Igor Krutoy and Raimonds Pauls. Held in Jurmala since 2002. Honestly, I've never seen this contest, even teleyaschika. But here came across a selection of photos with representatives of our showbiz. This is what that freak show

We begin, of course with Boris

I certainly strongly against plywood, but in the case of Moses it is better plywood.

Lera Kudryavtseva and Anna Semenovich

Igor Presnyakov with Zhinkov.

I'm about the same dress when her grandmother in the village helping dig potatoes

Timothy and Leps

Well here you can see, the guy did not determine whether he was a rocker, or a rapper. Maybe just after the party pulled all that lay near. Well, as without breeches.

Well Leps - handsome!

Katie Topuria

Underpaid for concerts? Moonlighting osbuzhivaniem rooms?

Sergey Lazarev

Serge, well, you normally eat?


Strangely, he dresses like normal, and then he cho army ponashil?

It's kind of - his wife Presnyakov

Well bow!


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