Civil marriage: Partner. Anyone, but not his wife

The humiliating cohabitation

Delusional term "civil marriage", which now refers to heterosexual individuals living in the same territory with exclusive ...... probably was invented by women. Desperately wants to get married, but do not take, so you have to get out of the situation, but would not admit - I banal girlfriend. Partner. Mistress. Anyone, but not his wife.

Picked up the phrase "civil marriage" and men to palaver his girlfriend: dear, we've been married, without a stamp in the passport, and we have for dinner? A man such position is very convenient - it turns out all the bonuses family life (care, dining, shirt, regular ... etc), but does not accept any legal responsibility for concubine. The reality of "civil marriage" - a male, the phrase "immediately gather their bags and out the door!". Cohabitation ends at his request in a matter of minutes without any legal consequences.

My friend Julia when her roommate started the purchase of an apartment in the mortgage and repair it, honestly told him - it's your apartment, your repairs, and I'm not going to invest money in it, and some special efforts. It is, of course, like a real man ponyl on "all things in common, all for you," but she - a smart, well-understood, what can end this story. She pedal here it's "yours", he quickly made her an offer. And most women behave like fools.

They console themselves with the fact that they have five minutes to married. So rush to cook man meat pies, put paid to the common casket to pay his mortgage loans with - in the family should be the overall budget. In short, the building unit of society. They spend your precious time on an outgoing person, who is not ready to name their official wife. But proudly called his husband.

Ladies, you are well, that! You just roommates. Hack to death himself is on the nose. If you have taken in the lounge car for a test drive, you do not call relatives screaming "I bought a car"? So here.

Women happily endure the chatter of the form "why to involve the state in our great relationship?". But let's be realistic. When a man says that he is afraid of stamps in your passport, it is necessary to clarify how it feels when you make a visa, hospital in-patient department, the extension of rights and so on. How much of it was sick when the passport is stamped on the registration. Perhaps he is a rare phobia fill in official documents. But most of all he just does not want to marry you. That's on you.

If a man is afraid to come out and publicly announce the society "we are together", it means that he does not want it. Seeking better, dreaming about a former classmate, loves his girlfriend is preparing burgers, but does not think of her as a wife. Until he officially married, he can consider himself free eagle, which temporarily sat on the perch. If it is convenient, it is at least thirty years, and there will still be free eagle. In the end, it is unlikely to get mom screaming "you have thirty, and one you do not take a husband." And whisper behind "all normal men dismantled, and this did not need anyone," he did not hear. He is doing well.

Ladies, I do not insist. In general, all possible. You can wait for years, and hope that he would ever make an offer. You can fall in five years in front of him on one knee, stretch the ring and saying "marry me." You can convince yourself, "I and so great with him." You can call yourself a wife, being a mistress. You can follow him hate "bureaucracy" and "stamps in the passport." One might think that he loves you that much afraid of marriage because it would be too good. But if you want to marry him, and he does not say anything definite - he makes a fool of you. And if she allows herself to make a fool she goes, a fool.

You can live as you please.

But today, an old maid - it was not a virgin. This is a woman who lived with one for three years, with the other four, the third of five ... Gn, fortieth birthday, and she is not yet married. Then she begins to see a fair and said the next "husband": wait a year together, grind, and then the registrar or scatter. Or spend the last years of fertility at his admiring "Oh, yes we are, and so the family", and then there is one with a collected suitcases. The poor fool.


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