Plain truth of unrivaled cynic! 20 unceremonious caustic quotes George Carlin.

To be able to beautifully joke - a talent that is well worth it. However, under the "beautiful" do not mean that it will please everybody. It is not everyone can appreciate a good sense of humor Mighty because it usually exposes. And people do not like when they show their mistakes. However, sometimes cynicism and sarcasm - is the best medicine, which keeps in good shape and safeguard of the total decay and degradation.

Famous American stand-up comedian George Carlin knew a good judge. It's right off the stage, he was unceremoniously chopped plain truth and be honest, often hit the bull's eye. Oddly enough, his show crowds of people attended to simply laugh at themselves. Under a special sight fell politics, religion, family relationships, fat men, ardent defenders of nature ... George Carlin his words would not climb - he always had something to say about everything.

It quotes from the 20 toxic unsurpassed cynical and impudent George Carlin. Cleanse yourself of unnecessary stereotypes and prejudices with the help of excellent humor. Throw a stone at me, if these words have at least share a lie!

Giggles giggles, and this guy says, sometimes serious stuff. Perhaps because of your snobbery and bombast you can not see the obvious truths - the truth hurts you. But, my friend, to be able to laugh at themselves - a courage and a first step to recovery. Saved the world from contagion - the highest standard barbs share with your friends.

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