Dogs to the rescue: the students came up with an ingenious method for Britain to deal with stress!

You must have heard that many psychologists recommend, and even advise all people who survived the stress, to pass the so-called animal-assisted therapy, ie therapy using animals. If in our countries is a newfangled trend is gaining momentum in the Western world, it has long been common practice and is popular since time immemorial. I would say more, the foundations of animal-assisted therapy lie in the so-called Canistherapy - treating patients with the help of dogs. Studies show that these animals are like no other person can feel and identify the causes of certain diseases.

On this, I think it will be enough dry theory, let's talk better about the pleasant practice. Today will tell you about how our smaller brothers help people with their problems.

Most recently, on 7 May this year at the University of Lancashire (UK) was inaugurated unusual dayroom. The fact that all the students who are experiencing stress, can come here and relax by going therapy ... puppies! Any student donating just £ 1, will be able to have a little fun and relieve stress, with four-legged amusement. B>

This unusual Lounge has been created thanks to a local charity, which has been breeding dogs allowed. This initiative, according to the creators, is to help not only to all students who are under stress, but also to the puppies. «These conditions give the puppies a great chance to get used to the environment of people. It's great for their learning and development, so that eventually they became skilled dogs allowed » i>, - shared in an interview with members of the student organization. B>

The practice of such animal-assisted therapy - not innovation abroad. In this photo you can observe how copes with its tasks dog from Acadia University (Canada). Practice shows that students demonstrate better results in exams, if before it will spend time in the company of playful cats and dogs. B>

And here is how the students have fun in the "puppy room" at Dalhousie University (Canada). It looks like it's much more interesting than sitting in a boring lecture unloved professor. B>

To understand how students feel cool in the company of amusing chetyrehlapyh, I suggest you watch this video. The lack of English will not prevent you appreciate the charm of this pastime. B>

Oh, and when do we introduce this? I am sure if the students will rush headlong to the institute and, moreover, their performance during all kinds of tests will increase significantly. This is not to mention the fact that the laid-back fun with our smaller brethren effectively help to cope with stress, boredom, depression and decadent mood! So that all student organizations should take a similar initiative adopted.

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