Facts about Britain that you did not know

1. In the UK the pigs are not castrated, so it is better not to buy pork and order it in restaurants, but if you smell and taste of urine boar meat is normal, it is possible. The British are very fond of bacon for breakfast and the morning of the Pedal spreads specific stink. I just tried to talk with the managers of supermarkets, thought maybe some kind of authentication system on the packages, but they do not even understand what I mean and why castrated pigs. But a lot of halal meat, I am surprised that none of the green and other eco animal lovers almost no protests, after the slaughter of animals according to Muslim tradition is very cruel.

2. In England there is little of their national cuisine, or rather it seems to be there, but it is fairly primitive and frankly tasteless. Probably the worst in Europe. About English cuisine I will write

3. In England, the highest rate of obesity in Europe

4. The British really drink a lot of tea, cup of tea is a ritual in the culture of communication, and a panacea for all ills. Paradoxically, a good loose tea in large supermarkets rare, must be ordered in special shops. All packaged drink.

5. The school uniform is compulsory for all students. Most state schools it is the same, but private schools have different

6. Public school is actually a private school, and it's free state school. Students called for all students as school and university students. Pupil within the meaning of the word "student" is almost never used. The word can mean school and high school, such as law school or medical school

7. During the school truancy their parents may be subject to criminal liability

8. Children go to school from five years of age and compulsory education lasts until 16. For admission to the university must also learn additional year or two

9. Corporal punishment in state schools was lifted only in 1987. In private schools - in 1999. In Scotland and Ireland, and even later.

10. Private elite school is actually a sac-boarding. Very rigid institution.

11. In London, no more rain than in Moscow, and sometimes less. And fog are rare here. However, rain may go suddenly, but usually lasts not long. Rain for the whole day - rare enough. If the weather forecast promises rain, it will always go from one to two days, or from 5 to 7 pm, at a time when lunch time, or have to go home from work. Murphy's Law works constantly

12. In England rarely snows in the winter. If one centimeter of snow had fallen, it is an event. Cities stand, transportation does not work, planes do not fly, they fled to sculpt mangy snowmen and ride with slides on inflatable mattresses. Snowplows communal hardly hold, probably cheaper every year suffer losses of millions of dollars, than to keep the technique ... what they will do if the Germans attacked

13. The British tempered since childhood. Not accepted to wrap children up and down and never made dress according to the season. The climate is soft enough, but because of the humidity zero winter temperatures seem that all minus 10 in Russia. In winter you can see people in the same T-shirts or ballet flats on bare feet. Heating save everything, so like it or not, and hardened like steel childhood.

14. The animals are very fond of the British. You will not find on the streets of homeless cats and dogs. This question has long been decided. And all because

15. Society for the protection of animals from cruelty was created in England in 1824 and has the status of a royal. Tellingly, the Society for the Protection of Children was founded only 60tyu years later and has the status of a national, which is not so prestigious.

16. But at the same time in England still held the traditional fox hunting. British traditions like more animals

17. Although you can find stray animals, especially at night, it will be unfortunate fox. Even in the center of London can be seen very often. Green eyes sparkle and Shnyrev the bushes. Sometimes jumping from under the wheels of a bicycle late in the dark night by the sudden and short-lived Kondraty grab. They live in the parks, which are a huge number of London. Most get into the house and can be quite dangerous. At night foxes emit very specific cries like a baby cut

18. Of the household pests are found here bugs and mice. No cockroaches, and no mosquitoes.
You can still easily run into the false black widow. It's a spider, it can be dangerous and toxic if bitten.

19. The parks are found proteins in large quantities, they are almost tame. Proteins are all gray and rather plump, I would say muscular. Once upon a time it was carried out and the red squirrels, but they broke the gray, red squirrels are now protected by the state. Swans, lots of interesting birds. By the way all swans are legally the property of the Thames Queen

20. In the parks you can often see the benches with name plates installed in the memory of a deceased relative or friend. Sometimes, the signature is an example of a purely British irony, as in the photograph. "In memory of her husband, which he dreamed, I thought, but he never found»

21. In London's Richmond Park deer are found, they can be completely free to watch. Video terrible embarrassment for an Englishman when his pet named Fenton put the host in an awkward position and drove a herd of deer in the roadway, the owner has no choice as a desperate cry to the Lord. I probably would have just cried mats

22. Speaking of the mat. In England, you can often hear the mat on television, it is not always zapikivayut, well, the mat in the English little is actually derived by fuck is not so strong, there is one word that is still zapikivayut this cunt. Eminent politicians sometimes can persuade each other to each other and in the tail and mane, and the newspapers will recount a week for any mother who gets sent

23. Watch TV at home, you can only pay tax of about 10 pounds per month. Special services may come to check you have the presence of a TV license. The tax goes into the pocket of BBC. Through his television advertising in times less than in Russia, for example.

24. In Britain, a strong class society. The class is not always determined by money, and determined the origin and formation. For example Victoria Beckham is considered an upstart, but she really wants to be accepted for a strong upper middle class. The American concept of «self-made man» here is not particularly respected. Read more about the class I will write the next time, because without understanding the class is not possible for example to talk about the different types of pronunciation, manners, mentality and so on.

25. In the UK, a huge number of regional accents, dialects and dialects. Accents may differ within the boundaries of the city, much of the county, and even more so. English in the former colonies sometimes very different from British English and not only the pronunciation.

26. The British feel a bit guilty about the fact that almost everyone knows English, and the English themselves in a foreign language is not strong. Therefore, they always praise the English foreigner. Many Russian-speaking immediately begin swaggers, saying yes the English themselves have noticed that I say almost without an accent. With this reality has little to do. It's just a polite compliment the ability to bind alien words into sentences. In fact, I almost did not meet to move to the Russian-speaking adults who have excellent pronunciation ... but no, the first wife of Berezovsky's great pronouncement

27. The Scots, Welsh and Irish are very proud of their roots and nationality. Do not try to call an Irishman an Englishman or a Scotsman or even British - terribly offended.

28. In the UK, there is no concept of provincialism in the Russian sense of the word. It's not cool to be considered indigenous or indigenous Londoner edinburgzhtsem. Historically, all the nobility lived on the estate. In the big cities lived by those who had to work, the need to work always despised the English nobility. But if you grew up in a home with lots of land, it's a yes - it's class. Provincial then considered certain regions such as the north of England, historically considered the Irish hillbillies, because in fact the British staged a mass genocide of the Irish, so the elite created a certain snobbish attitude towards them, which is still alive. Hicks come in large numbers of New Zealanders believe

29. Britain has no constitution

30. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell, not hours

31. The concepts of the yard is not here, because there is no urban development of the city court in the Russian sense, urban development planned differently. There is a notion estate or neighbourhood, ie district.

32. In the English cities are all very compact, narrow streets and sidewalks, houses and apartments are quite small. There is such a standard house with 4 bedrooms only 56 square meters. I'm such flats and houses call mitten.

33. All land private. The concepts of "wave a barbecue on the nature of" no, because the nature of the whole is divided into private plots, except for protected areas and parks. There are certain places for camping, for which you have to pay, and space for BBQ and picnics.

34. In the UK, there is no registration, but without a bank account cards and there is almost nothing you can do, and even more to live legally. Location is determined by accounts that are paid through the bank account. All accounts are proof that you lived here, and you may need for various bureaucratic needs. Therefore, residents of the UK House kept the mass of waste paper from paper bills for communal calculated payroll sheets (payslip) and the like, I already lies two hefty folder.

35. If Moscow never sleeps, sleeps and even London as snoozing right I would say. Pubs are open until 11 on weekends maximum 2uh. Hour restaurant is not in sight, and no day-night coffee shops. There are only fast food eateries that are open at night on weekends, so-called take-away, where people are coming down after the energy-intensive podzapravitsya clubbing. In the city center at the weekend just piles of garbage

36. By the way chips in English is potato fries instead of chips, but it's just crisps chips bags

37. In broad daylight in various locations in London, you can see how people smoke grass, but if you do not see is acutely aware. It is of little concern or care. In fact, there a huge amount of Quiet herbal drug.

38. Some believe that the British music fans very often, and certainly all do not listen to pop music cheap. The percentage of music lovers here is the same as in Russia, and fans of pop music here Sea

39. The working class in Russia like to rest in Turkey and Egypt, and the working class of England loves Spain and Eastern Europe. British "Tagil" there rests sometimes steeper than our Egypt.

40. The English are constantly told sorry, sorry, thank you, please, even if they are not to blame. The Englishman apologize if you accidentally stepped on his foot. Do not deceive ourselves and think that it is sincere. English politeness is a very interesting topic and I will write it in detail later. In fact, an Englishman would say sorry and the desk if he accidentally touches, these words are likely interjection than a sincere apology.



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