Top videos of Britain in 2008

Authoritative British publication about advertising Campaign announced the results of its own year, announced the top ten best video clips 2008.Reyting headed «Go On Lad» bread brand Hovis, filmed agency Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy and directed Ringan Ledwidge.

1. Hovis «Go On Lad» It was hard to do, but the 15-million budget and Ringan Ledwidge behind the camera allowed the Hovis and Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy to make the same successful movie, how was the famous «Boy On A Bike». 122-second spot on the epic 122-year legacy of bread brand was also supported by the PR-campaign, which contributed to a new wave of patriotism and pride in their country to citizens of Britain.

2. Nike «Take It To The Next Level» No other commercials could not show a childhood dream - to become a player of the Premier League - with realism. Roller agency 72andSunny and director Guy Ritchie - is a dream to jump through blood, sweat and tears of the eyes of a footballer. He conquered the television audience and achieved phenomenal results online.

3. Volkswagen Golf «Enjoy The Everyday» DDB London, directed by Scott Lyon and Paul Hartnoll, half of the famous electronic duo Orbital, created an exciting and very easy to spot for VW. The video is both a logical continuation and contrast to last year's roller «Night Drive».

4. Barnardo's «Break The Cycle» Powerful spot agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty for the children's charity Barnardo's has 5 scenes difficult life difficult British teen girl, repeating again and again.

5. Toshiba «Time Sculpture» Using advanced imaging technology «bullet time», the first application in a cult "Matrix», Grey London showed processability and clarity TVs Toshiba. The video has caused in Britain heated debate: many believe that he actually repeats the spot «On and On», shot for Ariston in the 80s, but those who believe that the movie is original and does its job, still more.

6. BBC «The Journey To The East» Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett uspheu the escalation of the campaign, promoting the broadcast of the Olympic Games in Beijing network BBC. The agency Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe / Y & R and Gorillaz have adapted traditional Chinese legend of the Monkey King. The style of animation and the music is fully reflected the magic of the Beijing Olympics.

7. Drench «Brains' Drench Dance» It was a smart and right move by CHI & Partners - to link the famous British character Brains with a product that positions its importance just for this body - the brain. But the truly powerful idea has been thought creatives make clumsy puppet dancing to the retro hits Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap.

8. Transport for London «Moonwalking Bear» This video agency WCRS - an ingenious way to show how easily we can miss those moments in which we are not concentrated. Since the video is useless to look several times, it was broadcast on television a very short time, but it was enough for people to remember it, and the idea that he is the audience. In addition, the video received more than 10 million views on YouTube.

9. The Natural Confectionery Company «Bring On The Trumpets» Who would have thought that the roar of the little red gummi bears on the theme "Let blew the trumpets" would be advertising phraseology, in Britain? Fallon were exactly a favorite in today surreal humor.

10. Volkswagen Polo «Dog» This year, DDB London celebrates the 40th anniversary of cooperation with VW. Including roller-song about a terrific dog feels 100% within Polo. The special charm of the roller attached to the song «I'm A Man» Spencer Davis Group, which proudly singing dog sitting in the car.

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