Secrets of attraction of a kindred spirit

I usually inspire people to a new understanding and give the keys to the solution of their problems. But now I realize that times have changed. And instead of giving you a ready answer, much more productive to show you the algorithm - how to find a ready answer within yourself, how to keep yourself in the very situations in which you lose confidence in a good future, or do not understand where you move
Therefore, I propose to your attention two very simple axiom. Remember tightly these two approaches to life and then you can through this prism consider any of your life situation.


I remind you that axiom - which means truth, accepted without proof. We simply believe that this is the case. I'll say this, because I was convinced by experience - the way it is. Wise people say that because the universe works.

The first axiom says that if in your life there is a problem (whether it is a disease, a difficult situation, the complexity of some kind), then you are bound to have a resource to solve it. Think about it. If you take for granted is the fact that with the adoption of problem you have a solution, saved a lot of energy it takes to doubt.

What is the problem? The problem - it is an obstacle to your happiness. What is the obstacle? It is an event, energy or thought, which delays the flow of your life force. And where there is an obstacle, accumulated congestion. The body formed by the disease, or in the body - discomfort

. But it's your energy, just this energy does not flow smoothly and safely to where it needs to flow through your choice, and it becomes dam. Moreover, the energy of the dam can become a swamp, if will remain an obstacle in the way.

And this same energy is the fuel, the driving force of the turbine that will spin your life when you are neatly and correctly will take this water, ie, get a handle on the problem.

So, I repeat - can not afford not to test God sends. If you have a question, you definitely have an answer to it. Specifically, you have to answer. Therefore, this approach to life - I'm looking for an answer, as I act, just knowing that he really is - very different from the normal attitude to their problems, when we question: Do we get kogda-nibud is to decide whether we when -nibud this change ...

It's only a matter of choice. If you decide to change it, then you change it. Sooner or later, one way or another, but you have the power to change it. This is the first axiom.

The second axiom is: what direct attention, it gets stronger and

. When we want to get rid of the problem, we think a lot about it. We analyze the problem, we look at their bad state ... And so we direct our energies to the problem.

So when you have a problem, do more. Once you see this problem, list the way you want to live without it, how you want to be if the problem did not exist, how do you see yourself, if this question, this difficulty in relationships with loved ones would not be ...

Prescribe what you want, not something from which you want izbavitsya.Pereformuliruyte your problem in a positive way: "I want to expand it's my life┬╗

. If you look at any problem based on what you want to have it in place, then you will see for yourself, a number of different ways to exit from this very difficult situation possible.

Let's look at the example of the axiom of the question, given my party courses: "Despite the fact that I took a long time your body, and I ceased to be a problem, my appearance, still lives in fear is not like the one who will like me. And what to do with that fear? ┬╗

Let us now we will move the situation in the job search. For example, you want to find a good job, in which you will be happy, will be implemented, will be on this job receive the equivalent of their talents - a good salary. And you are afraid that you will not get the job.

If you think about how to get this to work, you will be nervous, and your quality of professional - your talents, your skills - will not be fully manifested in your behavior. And the employer simply does not know who you are professionally.

But if you want to be a maximum at the time of the interview, rather than to achieve this operation, the fact that you have given up in the workplace, if you were a maximum - it is very useful for you fact. You demonstrate who you are - your best qualities, your talents, your abilities - and the employer dismissed you. This means that if you have these qualities with her would come to this, you would be there in pain. You do not coincide with them.

Very often people think that the attraction of sexual partners or a romantic relationship based on something external: liked, not liked. No, my friends. Any couple that has any kind of future, despite the appearance of drawn. She is attracted by the internal vibrations coincidentally. It's like two notes that are sounded harmoniously.

Therefore, if you have the fear to miss his man in front of you stands a completely different task: to fight not with fear, but most accept themselves and feel at ease for what you have, with the love of self. To your body, in your face, in your gestures, in your walk, in your view, in your speech as much as possible shone through your soul. And then it is impossible to miss the man who is the same with you.

But if you worry about what you do not like it, doubt is good or not, you can not at this moment to be myself. At this point you have just in this shell. Not surprisingly, perhaps close to you in spirit to people you do not know.

Let's go back to the axiom, of which I spoke at the beginning of our conversation. If we change the question from "How to get rid of the fear of not like the person that I want" to "How can I make my choice I learned, saw, saw?", The answer suggests itself: be maximal in itself, be the most manifest in his body, in his eyes, in his gait.

We often confuse two things: on the one hand - to get rid of the interference, on the other hand - how to reach that state, which will lead us to victory. We should not get rid of the noise, and it is necessary to go to that state. Attention must be directed not at issue, but on the condition that you want to develop.

I wish you trust yourself.

Author: Svetlana Dobrovol'skaya


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