Love - is a state of completeness

Love - is a state of completeness. This state is enormous inner strength, and the complete satisfaction of abundance that goes beyond our relations with any whatsoever person. The most important question that we must ask ourselves: "How to give love? ", Instead of asking," Where can I find love ยป


It is obvious that, if we want to give love, it is sure to come to us, because in this state, we perceive love as something inherent in us originally. And, accordingly, on the contrary, if we look for love outside, it will run away from us, because we perceive it as something that does not belong to us. We are looking for love outside, especially sexual partners. But it is also a non-sexual love for family, friends. We want to, and sometimes even demand that loved us, rather than to strive to give world unselfish and impersonal love.

Our personal relationships bring us so many problems because we lack the true unconditional love. We are looking for in a relationship with others the feeling that can only bring a relationship with God.

Many people are now trying to find eternal undying love, but the relationship between human beings are temporary. Immortality, they can only be, if they see in the other person the manifestation of the Divine, seeing it as part of God. Not recognizing God who is in all things and in all, we can not find satisfaction in any regard. We are born and we die alone and merge with another person physically or spiritually can only brief moments of destiny. But really, we never are alone. Our true "I" includes consciousness of the entire universe, you need only turn our eyes inward and find it.

True communication are formed when we see the Divine in others and in all things. To do this, you need to go beyond all bodies and forms, and establish a connection with God. But we are tied to someone spoil themselves and his life. Affection - is when we dug into someone and do not give him or yourself to move naturally.

Author: Rami Blekt


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