5 myths about the beautiful life of the wives of wealthy people

Beautiful, large and elegant house. In the garage for at least 4 cars, two per day, a representative class at the husband and one for you - without a roof, for the weekend. The entire staff of assistants: nannies, maids, cooks and drivers. Frequent posh vacation, unlimited shopping and exquisite passions.

If you represent yourself as a successful life with a man, and such a life dream, then you judge about it or show, or highly embellished stories of friends of friends.

The first myth

The wives of rich and successful men always go to the designer clothes, always wear diamonds, and always at the parade.

It is not true. Most women, especially those who are already out successfully married, go to a normal, comfortable clothes. Often, there is a plush jogging suits, flat shoes or jacket, Quilted. Diamonds too, no one wears, for example, Taking the children to school.

Rather, diamonds in the morning dress those ladies who have this diamond only, and the owner is so proud of him that he can not miss any opportunity to show it wherever possible. People who have achieved success (both men and women) often do not attach importance to clothing. For them, this is not the sacred wardrobe attribute (Oh my God !!! Birkin bag!), And just bag that they can afford to buy. It's nice to take it in the evening to meet with friends, or at the reception, but it's only attribute. No more than that.

The second myth

Huge beautiful house, with a turn-round and always on the ruble. It is not true! 10-15 years ago, when there was a large number of millionaires, "who took a sudden out of nowhere," it was well to have a house of 2-3 thousand m2, decorate it with gold columns, marble, as in the mausoleum, an Olympic swimming pool and have a number of staff, who was involved in the cleaning of empty rooms. Today, however, reason prevailed, and the houses are built and sold with convenient, usually no more than 500-700 at most 1200 m, and they look like normal human dwellings - no electrons, the fountains and wacky Skylight

. Often, there is a spacious apartment in the city center, where the family lives all week from Monday to Friday, and on weekends goes into the house as a summer residence. Mind you, if a man says he lives in a "village" - is, as a rule, does not mean the village with roosters and chickens. This new designation fashionable suburban lifestyle, and is meant in this case the usual cottage village.

Myth Three

The wives of rich people throw money left and right, not counting them, and they have long does not need to think about the future. It is not true. Sometimes, not very intelligent girl, just who married, and yesterday received the "access" to the big money, like a hungry beast attack the food, money, diamonds and crazy shopping.

However, most intelligent women who are married for a long time already aware that her husband gets the money is not easy, and a lot more care and concern to his work and to his money. Often this grows into a healthy Jewish thrift, when the family sold the best, when the house is full cup, and when only the best loved is presented as a gift, but it does not extend to strangers.

Already gone are the days when the waiter left a tip unreasonably much, where to buy things, which never got clothe, and when the birthday barely familiar friend, gave a fur coat. As for the future, it is often the man does not give a large amount of cash, preferring to replenish the bank card of his wife. Why spend money on buying it can with the cards, but prefers cash set aside for a "rainy day".

Myth Four

Frequent and chic relaxation and lots of fun in everyday life. This is also not true. Men, in order to be successful today, when everything is changing so fast, you need to work very hard and very effectively. Most women see their husbands do not have much time. As a rule, it is a short time for breakfast in the morning, and a short time after work before going to bed. At the same time, these intervals are either thinking about the upcoming day, or digest what has happened to them and try to relax.

Therefore it is not necessary to speak about the part of the fun, it simply can not, and prolonged rest is usually a couple of times a year - in August and January. It should be noted that successful men and their wives often go on holiday in Europe - take a walk, and switch. But it's usually just walk through the favorite streets, cozy cafes, perhaps, shops, and very often - visiting exhibitions and festivals in Europe are very frequent

. Myth Five

In women successful men a lot of free time and nothing to them, but themselves do not have to deal with. It is not true. Men admit that they want a woman fond of something, was something of interest and want to do something. That it is not degraded and do not become over time in dill. Otherwise, they quickly lose interest in it. And intelligent wife, be sure to find something for everyone, which ignites their opinion, which they are happy to deal with, and that causes them to grow and move forward. And those who do not, and just entertained themselves serials, expose themselves to great danger to be transferred from the category of successful husband wife, ex-wife in a category.

It is always good there where we are not. The grass is always greener in the neighbor. And the life of successful people seem absolutely ideal. But from the side. In fact, almost all the problems are the same, only with a different scale. And if you changed the beloved, or sick child, or you feel tired, all these feelings are equally strong as in a beautiful house, and in a small apartment. As well as the miracle of birth, as well as the joy and participate in group activities with your family, or the child's first steps. I wish you happiness and great love, and more normal, humanly happy moments!
Author: Olga Kraynova


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