If the woman involves saving mode, so it is "off," the woman

And it does not matter what you save - on cosmetic procedures or shorts

. What are the savings for yourself:

- A woman comes to the store or to the market to buy food for children, husband, dog, parents, and on whether or not is has money or a woman decides to do without that she would like to buy

. Savings in itself - it is when you do not feel sorry for money for the children, at her husband, but when it comes to spending money on themselves, you say to yourself - "Another time. Today I'll manage. " And bypasses.

- Economy - is when a woman has a shampoo, dumplings, some stockings, one pair of shoes for the season, and two pairs of underwear to replace. Even if there is something else - all tasteless, old and out of fashion. But children are dressed fashionably.

- When you look at his winter shoes or underwear and realize that it must be changed, but in taking a decision that "will come, and so, still looks like" and so



- We are talking about the economy, when the tights are sewn up, or worse, are worn with the "arrows" as underwear, a long time is not updated when wardrobe jeans and a couple of shirts and a skirt to the output whenever you need to buy a hair mask, a new mascara, but there are costs and more important.

- When you decide to buy something expensive and quality, but come into the store, take the thing in his hands and twist as a result do not buy what you want, but that is much cheaper

. - When you live as if the two people, one very much wants to buy this thing and the other whispers to you that expensive and you can get even worse, but cheaper. And the money will remain. Here it is important to ask the question: What will the money? In the family, children, other ...

- Save - this is when you have money, but you are not pleased with yourself does not buy yourself something that you like, all over himself limited to, in-store purchase only the minimum necessary things and the things without which you can not do
. - When you look a little gray, neuhozheno, and you in the first place anyone, but you do not

. Any woman who saves on itself, will understand what I say, or rather feel. It does not even need additional clarification, what is the difference between sensible and waste savings. We always know when to save himself.

Savings on itself eventually turns into a habit and pathology, which is very difficult to be treated. Because none of the arguments that you need to love yourself do not work, turn on the mechanism, and it does not allow any "extra" expenses.

A woman who saves on itself:
-teryaet feminine charm;
-from her life takes lightness and magic;
-Face burdened with problems;
were male not interested, well, except that they use;
-poyavlyaetsya fatigue and dissatisfaction with life;
-Happiness becomes unattainable.

This is not life, it's a breath without exhaling, eternal limitations and starvation rations, which the woman arranges itself at will.

Why do we save ourselves?
For savings in itself hides great fear and guilt.
"Now I spend, and tomorrow there will be no money, and I will cause" disaster "," death "close".
Deep fear of going from childhood.
If I do not spend on myself, I have no one to blame misfortunes that can happen because of me. This desire to remain innocent.

Very baby desire.
An adult woman can be held accountable for their actions.
So victim of its own life, its own beauty in the name of "saving" other people.
Rescuing others, you feel important and sacrifice their lives.
A sacrifice is never disinterested.

As if it depends on you the lives of others, you are so omnipotent that can prevent the misfortune of their loved ones. It is very presumptuous. Why is this a sign of loss of femininity?
Because the woman who saves working on male energies - tighter control and accountability, protection and salvation.

If the woman involves saving mode, so it includes the maternal instinct, respectively "off" woman.
And it does not matter what you save - on cosmetic procedures or shorts.
What is important is the principle.
Mother, you can be just to your children. And did not your parents or your man.
And remember one simple thing, from the mother - take, and a woman - GIVE.

An adult woman is not worried about the money, because it does not burden himself a "control" and "responsibility" for the lives of others.
She does not suffer from overconfidence and sense of greatness, if it came to this earth to answer for other people's lives, save and make them happy.

If you have money, women are easy to spend on themselves, and not too much is not concerned.
If you inhale and exhale you should.
You can not just breathe in and save all the time you exhale.

Author: Tatiana Dzutseva


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