A man becomes a man only in the immediate presence of women

As long as you know what men are like children, you know everything! © Coco Chanel

A beam of light is better visible in the darkness, and the shadow of the light. So the male is seen clearly against the background of the female. If you want to test yourself, which you are a man, look, how you feel about the three main phenomena female, nature, uncertainty and woman


When men want to be men, they tend to primarily be women. In vain, the lack of male not femininity, and immaturity. Nevyrosshy man, male child - that's a place to work, a field for a battle. The man is not the one with the egg, but the one who has grown up, the rest - a game of false courage - muzhelozhnost

. Maturity is inseparable from the feminine. Our ancestors knew how to make men out of boys in three steps. The first stage - the life of women, as the boy grows from under her skirt and Nurse sucking teat. The second stage - without women, when screaming kid bleed Nurse and placed in a purely male company. There he receives a hunter skills, lover and father, have the skills, preparing it to the third stage - the return of a woman when already mature man creates a family

. I explained simplistically, but the meaning is clear - a man becomes a man only in the immediate presence of a woman. The woman - his mirror, motivation, and the final figure of masculinity

. Shaman Arkan Lushvala in his book "Black Jaguar Time" writes that the loss due to the wisdom of the fathers led to the disruption of the normal maturation of men. We get a bald head, and not having received the initiation and build peace in the, boys' fashion. A world built by men-boys, far from paradise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to breathe and drink, it distorted the concept of freedom and happiness, it celebrates the cult of money and effort, and creativity and otherness called weakness. The most important thing in it uncomfortable for women.

Uncomfortable, because the world is built without taking into account their interests. Women start for the children - a source of consumption, metaphorical tit. The boy just takes, and that's fine as long as he was a boy. But if the "boy" over thirty, and he takes all? Grasping, sucking reflex becomes destructive.

Arkan says that man-child without the skill of communicating with feminine feel to it and the threat it seeks to suppress. Some people follow the path of violence, trying every possible way to lower a woman, others continue to "suck the teat", behave like spoiled children, manipulated, require special attention, toys, scandals, if something is wrong.

Two other female incarnation is also uncomfortable with the position muzhelozhnosti. Uncertainty chokes total control, long-term planning. How to conquer and suck tirelessly mother damp earth, I think, need not be repeated.

Echoes of the left breast violently heard among the men, whom society by mistake or bezrybe these calls. Office plankton blindly seeking "a warm place", pushing the neighbors considered the highest achievement of respectability "cling to the oil pipe", and the victory over the competition is proclaimed loud "Suck!».

Culture suckers promotes their role models. Images of false courage everywhere, from television news of Hollywood before. Muzhelozhnost now price. A woman waiting for someone complains, "the man went wrong," someone adjusts, developing courage and a quenching femininity. In the meantime, the world is becoming less and less balanced. "The loss of the deepest feminine in the contemporary world is at a rate of felling trees in the forest," - writes Arkan

. What is the real man? Professor David D. Gilmore in the book "Masculinity in the development process," says that the threshold of manhood, where the boy begins to give more than you consume.

The men are currently no elders, wise fathers correct rituals. Instead, Fathers we Rambo, instead of initiating - army, sports, and business. For that to cling to? How to see your muzhelozhnost and win it? Who will find the same one true manhood? That's right - women

. The first step must be a return to the feminine principle, the adoption of "a woman", that is qualities such as gentleness, caring, humility, wisdom, intuition. Against this background, will manifest themselves and masculine qualities - desire to protect, to nurture, to provide support. Not because it must, but because otherwise we can not. That is, through the adoption of a woman we will be able to nurture the true man in himself.

Men's quality, just like any human qualities, are fluid. They can develop, demonstrate, lose. How do you know how you are now a man? In the women's eyes.

For example, I learned to read the scale of their masculinity by small changes in the behavior of his wife. So I praised, and she looked at me with a maternal smile - just as a child from my side. That was wise, and her eyes shone with gratitude and respect. When I stupidly wasting my time and energy in her movements appear sharpness and anxiety - male diminished, what to do in our family? When succeeds, it becomes soft. She got me to train, and how I like it!

Women want their men back, adults give to get back to yourself, to the bosom of femininity. Arkan compares the true man with the sun, you can rely on, that it certainly will rise in the morning.

This reliability of male attention and care, a woman will be able to relax in the calm waters, blossom and fill the world with those for which it was created - life and love

. Author: Alexander Baranov


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