16 discomfort, actually indicates that you are on the right track

Discomfort - an essential companion changes

Unfortunately, we often confuse it with misfortune, and in an attempt to avoid dealing with it changes. Meanwhile, in order to achieve a new understanding, to abandon limiting beliefs and motivate themselves to real changes in feeling some discomfort just need.

Discomfort - signal, which can often be very useful


Feeling as if you are reliving their childhood fears.

You will find that encounter problems, which fought as a child in adulthood. And though, at first glance, it looks like you did not learn a lesson from them, in fact, it means that you become aware of why you think and feel that way. And it is - the first step to change

. The feeling of "helplessness" and aimlessness.

The feeling of being lost, in fact, is a sign that you have become longer present in their own lives. You live less than memories and thoughts about the future, and more are staying in the present tense.

While you're not used to it - it will seem as if you have gone astray. But remember, that in fact the opposite is true.

Turbidity "the left hemisphere of the brain«.

Most using the right hemisphere (more than relying on intuition and emotion), you may find that the "left-brain" functions began to lose its significance. Suddenly it became difficult to make such things as concentration, organization and memory for small details.

Emotions start to break if they "decide" to become recognized. And our job - to stop with them to fight and resist them. To get a grip on them - they are, instead, should realize

. Violation of sleep.

You will sleep more or less than usual, you'll wake up at night because you can not stop thinking about something. You will be full of energy or completely depleted.

All of the events that change the usual course of life.

You suddenly have to move, divorce, losing a job, a car smash, etc.

A strong need to be alone.

At some point you gave up on the idea of ​​spending every weekend with friends. Other people's problems began to drain you more than they intrigue. Rather, it says that you have passed

«re-flash." Emotional, vivid dreams that you almost always memorize the details.

If dreams - this is how the subconscious mind communicates with you (or projecting the image of your experience), then surely, your trying to say something to you

. You become less friends.

You more uncomfortable in the company of a negative-minded friends. The main problem of these people is that they themselves are rarely aware of their pessimism, and tell them about it somehow uncomfortable. Therefore, you gradually begin to ignore old friends.

The feeling that all your dreams crumble.

Perhaps at this point you realize that the move to reality, which is better than the one that you have dreamed of, and which is more in line with your present, and not to what you yourself once were.
< br> The feeling that your thoughts - your worst enemy

. You begin to realize that your thoughts do form your experience. But this is often not the case, as long as our patience comes to an end. After that, we're trying to start to control them - and that's when we realize that we have always controlled their

. Uncertainty about who you really are.

Your last illusions about who you "should" have disappeared. You feel the uncertainty due to the uncertainty!

You are in the development process. When things are changing for the worse, we do not feel hesitation - we are angry and closes

. In other words, if you are experiencing uncertainty or ambiguity - it is, as a rule, leads to something better

. Understanding what a long way you still have to.

You realize it's because you say, where are aiming for. This means that you will finally know where and who you want to be.

"Knowledge" of things that you would prefer not to know.

Understanding what someone really feels, or that the relationship came to an end, or that you can no longer be in this job. The reason for "irrational" alarm hiding in the subconscious feeling that is not taken seriously because of their seemingly illogical.

Strong desire to speak for themselves.

The fact that you start to get angry with himself for how much you allow yourself to remain indifferent, deprived themselves of the words, or how much you allow other people's voices heard in your head - it's a sign that you are finally ready to stop listening to them, and, first of all, begin to love and respect yourself.

The realization that only you are responsible for your life and your happiness.

Such emotional autonomy is appalling, because if you mess up, the whole responsibility falls on you.

At the same time, awareness of this - the only way to be truly free. In this case, the game is worth the candle.


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