20 mind-blowing gems university teachers

Some teachers have excellent sense of humor and do not hesitate to shine in front of their students. The students, in turn, actively share in the network the best jokes of his professors.

< Website gathered for you a new batch of sparkling gems of university teachers. We laughed at them to tears.

  • At this point you would have to laugh, but I hope that you just do not listen to me.
  • When a girl wants to get married, and the other girl wants to get married, they are in perfect competition. And here begins: Dostoevsky, sports, the economy of industrial markets. She wants to create for itself an advantage. But as soon as she received a stamp in the passport - all her monopoly. She sits and eats
  • -. What a mess ?! The buffet even pancakes with strawberries there!
    - And why you do not take home
    ? - If I had pancakes, why the hell would I have gone to Russian

    • latecomers students:
      ?! - Go out and close the door on the back side! I saw you in the dining room: You glutton! You chose to eat bodily spiritual food
    • -! Lyubov, but here this semester exchange rate, and the library of the day there. And we really need this day off to go to the library, watching and books translated for ...
      - Wait, wait, I just wanted the noodles from the ears only
    • Now you have the best time in my life.. All the rest of the time you work, work, work and work, and then you die.

      • I am a man today in a restaurant called , can you imagine! 80 years there was no rain, and then drizzle
      • -! And on what basis do you divide our examination
        ? - Roll the dice ... was failing students
      • Russian intelligentsia never just did not drink.. She drank ideological

        • -. The third flaw in your group - inattention
          . - What are the first two
          ? - Apparently, the ignorance of the first two due to the presence of the third
        • After you graduate, of course, can go to graduate school.. But I frankly do not know why you need the second act of the ballet Marlezonskogo
        • -! Come out to the board
          ! - Oh, and there is no chalk
          . - Well, go to the end of the corridor, take part in the business. And if you meet along the way let the audience - take it. Have a raider seizure of chalk ...

          • I do not know how you tell the biography of Bismarck: somehow it nepedagogichno ... But it's better I do it than anyone else in the entrance
          • Self-irony -. measure the intellectual level of a person. Almost the same as the ability to induce numerals
          • Teacher:. "What do you think about solving this problem?»
            Student: "No, no, I think I now miss»
            . Teacher: "I'm sorry, but I think you made a mistake, we do not drink here»

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