15 gems from children who already know everything about life

They say the mouth of Babes the truth. And it's true, sometimes children with absolute seriousness say things like they know life better than any adult.

The website picked up their inimitable sayings, which it is impossible to argue.

  • Conversation with my daughter (4 years):
    — Mom, you're like the heroine of a disney cartoon. Let's play them!
    — Aw! Sure, come on.
    — You could be the Beast from "beauty and the Beast".
    — ...
    Or Sea witch from the little Mermaid.

  • Vanya (5 years) quietly asks his father:
    — Dad, can I tell you a secret?
    Go ahead, son!
    Closes the face of the father hands and whispers:
    I just pooped and didn't wash my hands.
  • The son fell asleep on the couch, dad decided to shift him in the bed.
    Took gently in his arms, and the son spoke through the dream — Put it where you found it.

  • Anya (3 years old) sits with a toy stethoscope in his hands:
    — I fish!
    — Anya, it's for the doctor!
    Okay, I'm a doctor. What's troubling you?
    — Yes, that's a sore throat. Can you help?
    — I can't.
    — Why?!
    — I catch fish...

  • The teacher asks the offending child (3 years):
    — How did it happen?
    With genius always is.

  • You're grounded.
    — Me, dad, this words don't say and well I just start to get nervous...
  • The conversation between father and son (7 years old):
    — You ever going to learn?
    Yeah... was planning something.

  • Serge (9 years):
    — Attention all! Can anyone hear me and able to help! Toilet paper ran out!

  • SMS from my son:
    1: "Mommy, you're the best mommy in the world".
    2nd: "Mom, I love you."
    3rd: "On the control received 2".

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