The idea of ​​a raw food diet is very simple


In contrast to the numerous and ingenious methods of weight loss, raw food idea is very simple: eat only what has already been created by nature to man, without altering or destroying any products, but primarily cooking

. Studies show that during the traditional cooking is destroyed up to 90% of nutrients. And add new, often harmful. It turns out that we actually eat roughage and toxins from the body that still need to figure out how to cope. After culinary exercise in foods is lost is an important feature as the ability to self-digestion: nature provides that, for example, fresh potatoes have all the materials necessary for the rapid and proper assimilation by the human body, the chemical as boiled potatoes structure changes so that process it becomes problem. So it is with other products.

That is - you just need to eat raw, and all? Yes, in fact, everything. Vegetables, herbs, fruits, cereals ... And meat and fish too? No. The researchers of this issue (as well of our contemporaries and sootechestvenikov most renowned scholar and practitioner of a 94-year-old Galina Shatalov) believe that in their physiological characteristics of the person being not predatory and not herbivorous, but something in between - frugivorous. That is the human species on earth to eat are fruits in all their diversity. As with other types of living creatures prepared its food: the boa can not feed with grass and yak - rabbits, they are going on a diet, quickly go to another world. Therefore, when a person eats meat, he eats unusual for their own food, which is a very long time to digest (about 8 hours, for comparison, fruits linger for an hour, and the vegetables for 3-4 hours) and makes expend energy and resources at its disposal. The human body - is incredibly adaptive, and can over the years to deal with similar problems, but sooner or later wear occurs, and with it - excess weight, disease and other failures

. • Where did the extra weight?
Modern man eats 5-6 times more than necessary. And when you consider that a diet mainly saturated fats, carbohydrates and artificially created products, and motor activity is reduced to rotations in the office chair and seat behind the wheel, it is no wonder that the body does not figured out how to fully recycle the excess and low-quality fuel, any -That the time starts to lay it in the form of new cells. And not just fat, unfortunately.

• Losing weight
When switching to a natural food organism begins to receive the substance, the deficit of which he felt for many years (enzymes, fiber, vitamins and minerals, useful carbohydrates), self-cleaning process and the regulation starts at the cellular level, there is deliverance from the ballast and unnecessary substances, including fat accumulation. In fact, the body returns to its natural state, the way nature intended. Typically, this happens quite quickly (kilogram per day - is not an exaggeration), and in most cases easy and even unnoticed. Uncomfortable feelings are for the first time after switching to a raw food diet and are associated with a total reconfiguration of the body.

• Health and Longevity
Getting rid of the disease after a power change - not magic or a miracle. Galina Shatalov, for example, results in the books are real examples from his own medical practice, when people get rid of cancer and diabetes. Victoria Butenko, rawfoodist and promoter of green smoothies, broke up with arrhythmia, and her son was no longer diabetic. Such evidence much as possible self-healing of the body is really great, we just do not have a guess. Whether people will live longer without the disease? Oh sure. Another point: the body raw foodists spend a fraction of the energy and resources on food processing and metabolism, even the heart rate decreases to 40-50 beats per minute. Wear less - life longer

. • Where to start?
With the decision that you are going this way. A transition can be sudden or gradual, depending on the condition of the body, a person's character, strength of will, much determination. If we talk about the sequence of actions, it is possible to start with, eliminate from the diet of all artificial and objectively harmful products - with preservatives and concentrates, sweet and flour, soda and coffee, and start drinking, for example, green smoothies. Then add to the list of protein origin inedible foods, including milk, cream, eggs, cheese. Finally, to completely abandon the culinary processed food in your diet, including cooking frying, and canning park. You can do these three steps at a time. You decide.


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