Benefits of raw food. Experience the raw food diet

My experience of the raw food diet - about two years. I want to share with you the experiences of fresh raw food novice, in the hope that it will help you in difficult moments.

So, the pros raw food diet, I have seen in that time:

1. Weight loss. It took more than 20 kg of excess weight. Before raw food diet I weighed about 75 kg, 52-54 kg is now.
With the departure of the slag mass comes lёkgost and youth. With each passing month and year of the raw food diet, our biological age decreases. Begin Molojen processes. I am thinking, for example, to fix the passport details :).

2. Health becomes much stronger. Who is friends with colds, it is quickly noticed. The first to disappear respiratory diseases. This is because we stop to eat slime products (potatoes, flour, boiled porridge).

3. Parasites in raw foodists do not live! Raw foodists do not eat that eat parasites :).
The skin takes on a beautiful, healthy look! All my life I dosyroedcheskuyu tormented with skin eruptions. Native joked: pimples rejuvenate you - you still like a teenager. Now, with the transition to a raw food diet, this phenomenon is forgotten for me!

4. Varies smells derived secretory systems of the body: becoming finer smells of sweat, urine, feces. Ceases to smell bad breath and stomach.

5. Cleared language.

6. Colon Cleansing become regular. Constipation in raw foodists do not happen! Food poisoning for raw foodists, too, is nonsense - nothing to ferment in the stomach. Even if you ate a low-quality product, such as watermelon saltpetrous, he quickly released and your life does not turn into a nightmare :).

7. It improves the sense of smell. And you have less chance to eat anything substandard.

8. Monthly women become less abundant and mennee painful. And also change the smell.

9. Reduced need for sleep. It becomes habitual state of cheerfulness. After lunch, not sleepy.

10. You can forget about the many hours standing at the stove and greasy pans. You freed appreciable amount of time!

11. Blessed smell will always prevail in the area where you live - there is no "flavors" of roasted and boiled dishes

. 12. Raw foodists easier to travel: nuts, dried fruits, honey, syroedcheskie crackers, water - and you fed and cheerful

! 13. After some time after you stop drinking stimulating beverages: tea, coffee, chocolate, refreshing herbs (like Echinacea) - Your condition is leveled. You stop to experience bursts of frenzied vitality, but also downgrades force either. You become calm and balanced person credible, man, next to which is cozy and warm.

14. The changing environment. As our lives become more open, positive, friendly, striving for self-development of people.
To establish contact with their own body. You start to feel like what food your digestive organs, and what they do not want. You begin to feel the more subtle your physical body and in contact with them on a higher level, as a friend and colleague.

15. The growing, and someone appears, energy sensitivity. Brewing disease begin to feel more in the higher plane.
Begin at the beginning of the creative.

16. Plus, for those who are interested in astral travel and lucid dreaming: as a result of thinning of the power we have gradually cease to meet the lower astral and, accordingly, our travels are filled with communication with higher beings and are safe. Who travels will understand what I mean :)


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