Switzerland - it is certainly good. But the free wind ... Italy (travel notes)

< Anastasia Girenkova

Three days in Switzerland and, lo and behold, we are again in Italy! You can endlessly talk about the mentality of the Swiss, admire their ability to multiply and accumulate wealth, but if your heart and soul are in Italy, you will have an irresistible pull to it here. Bella Italia, as an eternal love, an inexplicable and irresistible. Yes, Switzerland is similar to the expensive delicacy that can not eat every day, and in unlimited quantities. It is puzzling, admiration, delight, surprise, but these feelings are rational and devoid of warmth. The country of paradoxes, where they find healing from mental illnesses, and at the same time commit suicide. It worked my most sincere poet - Nabokov, and you will not find here a kindred spirit who will sing you a serenade. Wealth and hollow temples, equal opportunities for education and open existence of the Masonic Lodge. In Zurich, you will not see couples with children, but will rejoice and be amazed the number of dogs and decorative pig on a leash. In smaller towns, it is much more likely to find parents with strollers, but still you are not feeling right sterility, measured rich city life. Italy bursts into life as a free wind is logic device, but it attracts and takes away much stronger. My first time in Piemonte, in Torino, the first capital of Italy, but it is not too pretentious and economic development. But the presence of the spirit, inspire and give hope, it is felt everywhere. A very modest facades hiding the splendor of the decoration and the greatest shrine. Film Museum, where on the first floor opens exhibition of autonomous zones in accordance with the periods of development of cinema. And for a moment in the cozy café and watch "Mamma Roma", or look into a strange room, where instead of the seats - bowls, go to Westerns room, then - horror films, the red room movies about love and passion, pictures of Greta Garbo, Marcello Mastroianni, Giulietta Masina, Fellini's great. Yes, I love movies, and infected with a virus and the tears in the eyes, a lump in the throat and immodest dreams of being in a cohort of the Great ... And a separate piece of the Cathedral, where, under the protection of the glass in a silver sarcophagus kept the Shroud. For some, a legend for the faithful - is most holy. And in front of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, forget all the prayers and requests, and only a firm "I'm sorry", and here-restrained weeping, and the thought of his insignificance and prayer: "Teach me, O Lord, to love ..." Yes, we are all in more or less sentimental, suggestible and ready to believe in miracles ... But what is given above, you can not play, or direct. Catharsis - a state of mind. Only four hours simply Turin, but like a great river carries all the vile, heavy and unnecessary from everyday life, and is a bright feeling intoxicated and saturation.


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