When you give to something, you give a piece of the soul

Gift - a part of the soul, carefully taken out of the depths of the heart and carefully packaged in a nice box with a red bow on the lid For me it has always been so. I come up with gift ideas native people long before the "X" date. At least for a month began to conduct clandestine conversations with their friends, gently quizzed in conversations, what today is the soul. < I gave things - precisely those who now want to get people. < Bestowed handmade gifts - remember how she clumsily knit sweaters beloved man, sewing fun patterned balaclava avid skier, Master Case on toy car racing fan. < Bestowed trip - were little weekends in a comfortable hotel and a great vacation in other cities with a full sightseeing program. < Bestowed emotions - among the brightest remember parachute jump for someone who dreamed about it, and dog sledding with beautiful blue-eyed husky. All the gifts were unexpected, without prior discussion, not planned. And as far as I remember, they always hit the point: shining with happiness eyes can not lie

. The older we get, the more of us there is pragmatism. We stop doing silly things and we launched crazy for no reason. Coming holiday? Okay. Ordinary people have enough candy boxes (by the way, have you noticed that give always the same candy in white boxes?) And a bottle of champagne, which is sold at a discount store. Not ordinary - well, here it is necessary to "try" and go to one of the many shops of "unusual" gifts. In such places, a lot of things, and every normal person is horrified by the fact that they can give to including him. Jokes about the socks, shorts and a razor on 23 February jaded to the holes, the best gift on March 8 - of course, spirits, and this year more and turquoise nail file for pedicure. < Manufacturers anything facilitate our lives, advance packaging all these platitudes in beautiful boxes - even in the choice of packing the donor will not be able to show individuality, to choose her because no longer needed.

Perpetrators of celebration, too, are sinners. They do not wait for something such by friends - now it is fashionable to distribute wish-lists with addresses of shops where you can buy desired items. The color, size and style, of course, was not - we will not give guests the freedom of a single step. And what is convenient: but get exactly what you want. I have nothing against. In many cases, it is appropriate and correct. But in the words of the well-known Hippolytus of peace the Soviet film, "we have lost in the spirit of adventure." Perhaps someone still remembers the time when the gift was a surprise?

The last few years by my side was a man who absolutely did not want to choose me gifts: "I do not want, I will not, I can not." No, he was not greedy. Money - please, but this talk about the soul - dismiss me, thank you. I spent a lot of effort to explain to me how important it was his choice. I gave several options of gifts, among them that he took what he likes more. Specifies the shops where I fit absolutely any thing. Useless. So much so, that he proposed to me with the words: "I do not know how to choose a ring, why do not you own?»

And I have chosen. But I did not use them - although this is, as they say, is another story. I thought about this for the past 8 March, when almost a stranger gave me two tickets to the planetarium, where I never was and where a year really wanted to get there. < Gave exactly how to do it: suddenly, with all my heart, with a 100% hit the target and a red bow on the envelope When the initial shock - where he learned.? - I remembered that when meeting - regular business meeting - we let slip a few words about the planetarium. Perhaps then he somehow inexplicably and realized that I want to go there.

And I know a lot of stories. When a bunch of daisies in the winter birthday girl was remembered more than the long-awaited iPhone, and photo album handmade eclipsed string of pearls. When the self-bonded mittens have become a major gift under the tree. When just was donated by a pack of vitamins - in the most severe winter with a severe shortage of daylight, constant colds and taxes on the street, in the open space. When ordinary theft came at an opportune moment - old is already on its last legs, and gave no comfort. < Even the money in my life, people managed to give so that the gift was not impersonal and very, very expensive an envelope with the nth sum, which clumsily, but the heart was drawn bicycle (a dream of the time) and even hung on the bathroom clothespins bills, each of which was fastened a list of what is in the things that money can please yourself man.

Gift - it is always the first and foremost consideration. The attention to our words, dreams and desires. < show more often a favorite for people that you know them, hear and understand. Give loved ones a piece of his soul, and they repay you in kind.

Ekaterina Golovina specifically for the Website
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