Calcium - a key element

Scientists estimate that calcium deficiency is responsible for approximately 150 diseases, including arthritis, arrhythmia, diabetes, atherosclerosis, depression, osteoarthritis, periodontal disease, and, of course, osteoporosis - increased fragility of bones

. The dangerous lack of calcium

If everything is clear about osteoporosis because the skeleton of two-thirds consists of this mineral, something about the heart and other organs require explanation. It turns out, no calcium will not be able to contract the muscles in the optimal heart rhythm work and so. D.

Once these bodies do not have enough calcium, the blood system automatically borrows it from the bone, further thinned it and contributing to the emergence of kidney stones.

Avoid calcium deficiency and listen to the signals sent by the body - sleep disturbances, nervousness, irritability, pain in the calf muscles, memory loss and high blood pressure


Calcium is found in all green leafy vegetables. And in sesame seeds more calcium than any other food. In addition, calcium is present in many fruits. If you eat fruits and vegetables every day, and even occasionally nuts, your body may not be a deficiency of this trace element.

The best sources of calcium are sesame seeds, nuts, seeds, seaweed, all greens and dried fruit (figs, apricots, raisins, dates, prunes, blackberries), as well as apricots, oranges, apples, black currant, grapefruit and other fruits. < br>
For the absorption of calcium is needed vitamin D, which is produced by sunlight, and physical activity, so with age, particularly relevant are daily walks in the fresh air and morning exercise, or even regular exercise at home or in the gym.

Have calcium and their "enemies". Therefore, experiencing a deficiency of calcium in the body, take care of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. For example:

- CAFFEINE - blocks the formation of vitamin D
- Sodium salt - sodium can not tolerate calcium and gets rid of it by any means
- "Bad" cholesterol - when it bone loss occurs faster than its
recovery - Sedentary lifestyle - leads to disruption of calcium metabolism.


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