Model Katya Volkova shared the ins and outs of the transition to a raw food diet!

"Let's start with the cons:

1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in our time, unfortunately, it is too expensive.
If we stick to 100% lo, I want to eat a lot, sooooo much. Not everyone can afford to spend so much money on food. Although, personally, I think that meat, milk, bread, pastry leaves not less money. Simply it is difficult for those who are financially dependent on their parents.

2. Parents. This topic is too painful for the majority who want to go on a raw food diet.
I myself encountered this when it decided to announce mom and dad about his intentions. But since I already have 18, I am able to make their own decisions.
Our grandparents, mom and dad sincerely believe that we ruin our health without meat and dairy products. And nothing about the total elimination of processed foods, and can be no question! No articles, scientific films, research and testimonials of people who have this type of power, they are not interesting. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is rare.

3. Detoxification.
If you previously ate a lot of "garbage", the transition to a raw food diet can be very painful. The body will be purified from all that you have previously stuffed into it, and it will be reflected on your well-being and appearance. Often, the main symptoms are: weakness, dizziness, bloating and rashes on the skin. All individually and depends on how dirty your body.
Personally, I was faced with the weakness is, "bloating" of the abdomen and swelling. Belly simply inflated like a balloon, but now seems to have come back to normal.

4. Willpower.
The first few days it may seem that it is so easy - to refuse all dead food, because eating fruits and vegetables - so cool. But it will take a few days, and you'll want something from the old diet.
At this point, it is better to eat what you want and to calm down, otherwise it will lead to a serious breakdown.

5. disruption or failure of a raw food diet.
I've been frustrated basically for dessert and guess what !? Immediately after that, on the face appeared some rash. A body extra centimeters. And it's not my pens, etc.
After such a clean diet, each candy eaten me immediately delayed somewhere. And damn it, I'm afraid to imagine what will happen if I go back to a normal diet (which I think just now, but I'll write more on this later).

Therefore, if you are considering a raw food diet as another way to lose weight, then do not do it !!! Of course, all are different, but I think for many people it can end, as all previous diet - frustrating weight gain on the scales, and new cockroaches in my head.

But if you really care about your health and do not bother about the numbers on the scale, then try!

Now just tell you about the advantages of a raw food diet.

1. Easy.
Even if you eat 2 kg. mandarins + some apple + banana, you will not have any weight. Well, the habit can and will, but not longer than 10 minutes. From eating processed food, usually so heavy it is that even hard to move. But eating living food, you will constantly feel a sense of ease, and it is impossible to cool!

2. Energy.
You will have so much energy that simply want to fly!

3. Good mood and some tranquility.
On things already look different eyes. Everything looks so good.

4. Cover easy to wake up easily, a wonderful dream. Less time on it goes.

5. Clean the body - clean and healthy skin.
Even if the purification stage you have a rash appears, after the skin is just perfect!
Even I began to wash the hair much less often, because it is not needed.

6. On the raw food diet can get rid of chronic diseases, but this would require a lot of time.
I, for example, over the last month cleared the nose. Normally, during winter running, very difficult for me to breathe, because the nose is very flowing. But now everything is just super, run, and do not even notice how easy it is to breathe.

7. More free time. Sleep soundly, you are now less on cooking time do not spend, well, only if you strongly want to be found syroedcheskie recipes and cook something. But most will want to just fruits and vegetables.


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