Where your attention - and your energy there.

This is the most important and basic rights associated with your energy.
Notice the beautiful girl - then shared with her a piece of his energy. Please note that you are all bad - then gave his energy to ensure that everything was getting worse in your life. Are turning their attention to the joyous event - you give your energy to joy, and therefore joy in your life will become more and more

. Energy - it is nothing like the concentration and control of your attention. This rule means: where is directed your attention - there and takes your energy. What you pay your attention - there you give your energy. Do you like share it.

Where you direct your energy - for this you want to be closer. Or, more precisely, where you direct your attention - with this you want to be closer. Pay attention to the gloomy people? So you want to be gloomy! Draws our attention to satisfaction - want to be satisfied. It's simple.
If you pay your attention to the fact that you do not want, that is their problem - to send you more energy, and concerns only grow. If you pay your attention on what you want - it's you, and magnetize into our lives

. The point is that now the majority of people did not know what they want. But they always know they do not want. If you do not know what you want, how do you determine what happens to you something positive? Whatever happens in your life - you do not want this, and more. And what you want - you do not know. If you do not know what you want, that would not have happened to you, what would you do not happen - it will not satisfy you

. Therefore, it is important to find out and determine for yourself what you want. And to begin, more and more attention to this matter. Thus, you will begin to send more and more of its energy.
What people do not know what they want is not surprising in our time. Neither the school nor the word is not spoken in the university that you need to set goals and to want something. If you do not put a goal - to you and will continue to carry the current, which forms the society around you. You never will be the right choice. While it you never robbed nobody.

Until you have set a positive goal, the eternal struggle with the problems never end! If you put a big positive in every sense of purpose, the daily problems become small problems that can be easily overcome, narabatyvaya invaluable experience.

The sages of all times aware of this, so they are a lot of time meditating and doing energy practices. And so, directing the energy in the right direction they are younger, miraculously, heals and were happy. They are increasing their energy to improve their lives.
About this is a very well written book by Robin Sharma "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". In it the main character, grown old and have experienced a heart attack, realized that it was necessary for him where to direct your attention, could restore their health and looks much younger age, and most importantly, be happy.

So you need to think about in the future to control your thoughts, to no leakage of your energy and effort, and then we can change our lives for the better and our desires will be fulfilled.

It is logical that the energy of our energy cocoon controlled our attention.
And this principle can easily be checked by focusing on any part of the body (such as the tip of the nose), and holding it there at least a couple of minutes.
We track very real changes in sensations in this place.

Attention - this practice, which means that we do not just think of some place, and that we can reach the attention his own mind, to concentrate it and then "move" to the desired location (eg, on the tip of the nose) .
After that, you must begin to "twist" the opposite circle, and turning off all the senses (sight, hearing, etc.), to focus on the sensations of your consciousness, obtained from the tip of the nose.

For a man who never takes no esoteric practices, it will be quite a trivial task.
Just as we learn to manage for many years with their own hands in order to fulfill any work, now we need to learn to control his mind, to work directly with them.
In esoteric our consciousness is the mechanism of action and the measuring device.

But this is possible only because the human mind can operate in two different modes.
And in order to avoid any issues - whether it was in fact, it seemed to us either - you must first learn how to separate the two modes of consciousness

. When we have something modulate our consciousness, we are working in the direct mode and the energy range at the time - do not perceive
. And when we finished to simulate - but now you must go in reverse power range mode and then it will be possible to perceive and feel the feedback ...

Almost everyone knows that when a person has something hurts, then this place is applied hand. This place is stroked, rubbed, kneaded. Sometimes advised to stroke clockwise or vice versa, anticlockwise. Since in our cocoon always circulates energy in the forward or reverse circle, then our hands are either sources or energy intakes. Therefore, having put his hand to the affected area, we will either add to or take away energy from there. When a person is not able to control the circulation of energy in a cocoon, it can not be guaranteed to add or take away energy.

A rotation clockwise or counterclockwise - corresponds to the known "thumb" of the rule of physics. If the cocoon spinning circle straight, the hands are the excess energy and clockwise rotation (stroking his own stomach, for example) will direct the energy in the diseased organ. Counter-clockwise rotation will take energy from the body.
For example, inflammation in the body is going to an overabundance of energy and taking it from there, we will improve human feelings. In this case, the healer himself must twist the opposite circle and rubbing sore spot counterclockwise. Loving mother doing it with children quite unconsciously. Their subconscious mind, wanting to help a child, of course includes the necessary circulation of energy.


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