How to get rid of bad habits.

When people talk about bad habits, the first thing that comes to mind is the people - it is hard liquor and smoking. In fact, it is an addiction in its pure form, which eventually destroys the mind. As far as bad habits, they can be very varied: going to bed late, late rise in the morning, late meal. Irritation, dissatisfaction with life, the rejection itself, comparing, judging, chaotic thoughts flicker - this is also the bad habits that lead to degradation. They knock us out of the present moment, and it is only in it we can be happy. I thought all the time somewhere to carry away, without giving live here and now and to appreciate what we already have. But if you watch them, you will notice that thoughts are not so much, they are just repeated and interpreted in different ways. These thoughts take us a tremendous amount of energy, which prevents to move and develop further, including the transition to a more natural food.

Insight, inspiration, creativity, clarification of consciousness - all these are born when no voltage flicker of thought, when the head is empty. And you need to learn, then gradually increase the time to release her first at least a few seconds to create a vacuum in the thought process. Then you will understand what a pleasure - even a little touch to this state of being, and even more live in it. It is a real sense of freedom, when it is possible to control your reality when you do not have distracting thoughts, when you become a creator and can create everything from scratch.

There are many practices that help achieve this, for example, meditation and pranayama, yoga and exercise with inner concentration, live food. Yes, all this allows you to immerse yourself for a while in a state of "here and now". But it works best exciting hobbies in which you can walk away with his head and dissolve them completely. For example, for me it's magic happens when I pick up a kite. I'm going far out to sea, the ocean and merge it with the wind, with the sun, with the water element. In this condition, I did not think about anything, my mind is crystal clear and shimmers all the facets of how skillfully faceted diamond. My body and soul are filled with a sense of elation and happiness. His head is no thought, no, I just feel like the wind and sea waves at the same time, enjoying their power. Back on shore I return completely reloaded and updated as if from another dimension. And then there is the state long enough for the day, and when I want to go back and experience it again fully and live permanently.

When a person is captured something really inspiring, it is nothing else to think more can not. Great poets, sculptors, painters, writers - they closed in their studios, forget about sleep and food. And create, drawing vitality to visit their inspiration. What does this mean? We can switch your body to other sources of supply. The most important thing - to bring themselves into this state, open to the world, to trust him. Give yourself the opportunity to fill the energy from other sources. Remember, where our attention, all our energy is there. If we think only about the food, all our energy goes into these reflections and we hung up on it. But if we captured something really beautiful, it will be for us a source of inspiration, happiness and full health.

Bad habits, we can eradicate only when we replace them with something more attractive. This is due to the way our mind works. He is not ready to give anything. For example, we want to take away the habit of eating after five in the evening. The mind will come up with a lot of "compelling" reason to ensure that we did not. He will hold us all sorts of intrigues, run different thoughts, excuses, excuses - they will be infinitely amount is at least something will not work. And we certainly involved in this process and therefore can not at this clean habit. So, instead, to take away, you just have to give - to enter a different habit, more meaningful. Evening meal can be replaced by drinking vegetable juices or herbal teas, it can be a ritual in the family circle. You must create a new habit that will replace the old.

When tempted (e.g., morning drink a cup of coffee), the person involved in it only in the event that begins to give attention to the estimated energy and action. It is how prepare the drink and then enjoys the taste. Instead, you can switch to the preparation of freshly squeezed juice, a trip to the market for fresh fruit, a run in nature. Furthermore, this desire to condition the same coffee can be observed from the outside, not being involved in the process. It's like looking at clouds, when you do not feel the cloud, but just watch as it passes by. I'm practicing this observation even learned to dissolve small cloud the power of thought and desire, try this is not difficult.

It is very important in my life to be able to switch and do it regularly. When you watch something and not give the energy back, it dissolves and leaves. All this has no power over you. I like the philosophy of Buddhism, which tells us that suffering has always been, is and will be in a person's life. However, they can comprehend, changing their attitude towards them, releasing and engaging. Observing suffering from or giving them their energy, ultimately, can be avoided. Instead of suffering to nurture and develop inside of loving-kindness, Happiness, Trust in yourself, others and the world at large ...



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