When eating fruits?

Basically, we are used to eating fruit for dessert, and drink fruit juice after a meal, not realizing that by doing so inflict self-harm.

Fruits, eaten after the main meal, come into contact with it and start to ferment and turn sour. Therefore it is recommended to take a break after a meal 2 to 5 hours, depending on what you ate.

It is best to eat fruits for breakfast, before lunch and in between meals. Any food is good to start with a welcome fruit. When you eat them on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before a meal, it promotes, firstly, weight loss, and secondly, the maximum absorbed all the vitamins.
Here are some tips to help you get the maximum benefit from the fruits:

1. Do not eat fruits on a full stomach. There can be at any time of the day, but not after a meal.

2. After you have eaten some fruit, wait thirty minutes before you eat anything else.

3. Even more useful fruits have in the morning. They gradually increase the level of blood sugar and "awaken" the digestive system after a night's sleep.

4. Try not to eat fruit from the difficult to digest foods.

5. Bananas and avocados are heavy food, so it is better not to eat them at night. It is best to eat them as an afternoon meal as the digestive system will be prepared for them and at the same time it will have time to digest these foods.

6. Prefer fresh fruit frozen and especially canned - they contain a lot of sugar, and often chemical additives and thus lose almost all its useful properties.


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