The main thing in art - a catharsis

I have always been interested in innovation, I have always been interested in the logic of the sequence. I was always wondering how something develops. And if I see that something is already in operation, for me nothing fresh there. For me the main, the main criterion - it is the freshness. If I do not see in the art or science of freshness, for me, they have no meaning. Because I believe that, as Aristotle said, the main thing in art - it's a catharsis, that is, people should just think too hard. Yes, not only in art but also in science, too. If it does not survive as it should worry about - means there is no life and the meaning of art is lost
Sergei Kurehin

to talk to someone about artistic creativity, you can immediately understand the age at which stopped its development. These people, commonly referred to as the stop beliefs or faith. The man begins to feel that he already knew, all learned ... I believe that the process of evolution can be stopped only by death ...
Sergei Kurehin


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