Healthy sleep and beauty

People at all times sought to preserve youth and attractiveness for many years. Rejuvenating apples to this day does not exist, but we have a great pool - a dream. Healthy sleep and beauty go hand in hand, they are interdependent life.

In the human body during sleep, no cell is not asleep, and continues to work, preparing us to wakefulness. Normal sleep allows the body to restore the immune system, psyche, maintain the proper level balance of health and beauty hormones: melatonin, growth, sex, leptin and ghrelin, thyroid and other

. Thanks to this we are able to actively work and relax, think clearly, and to dream, something to get involved in life.

Melatonin. With the onset of night time increases the production of melatonin - the main sleep hormone responsible for the internal body clock and many of the important processes of the human body:

 - Regulation of natural circadian rhythms, easy to fall asleep, to ensure efficiency in the afternoon,
 - Improving the mental and emotional state, stress,
normalization of blood pressure,
 - The protection of DNA and neutralizing free radicals and cancer cells,
slowing aging, increasing life expectancy,
strengthening the immune system,
 - Normalization of the hormonal and endocrine system,
decrease in the percentage of fat that provides optimal weight during normal sleep duration.

It produces an adult organism to 30 mcg melatonin per day. Moreover, its synthesis increases to 30 at night time when compared with the day and about 70% of the daily production. The greatest amount of hormone produced about 2 o'clock in the morning.

The higher the level of melatonin, the lower our activity, he seems to be guiding us, suggesting that we should go to bed.

A growth hormone. After falling asleep (after one - two hours) is most active synthesis of growth hormone (somatotropin), which causes:

 - Rejuvenation of the body,
 - Regeneration of cell systems and internal organs,
 - Muscle growth,
 - Inhibition of the destructive processes in the body,
 - Reduction of body fat, turning it into a muscle,
 - Acceleration of wound healing,
 - Bone growth up to 26 years, the strengthening of bones in people of any age,
 - Improving the absorption of calcium in bone tissue,
 - Strengthening the immune system,
 - Increased activity

. Growth hormone deficiency in adulthood provokes increased deposition of body fat, premature aging. It is very important to sleep from 22:00 to 2:00, in this phase of deep sleep is updated organism cells burn fat, strengthen bones (prevention of osteoporosis), and many other vital processes.

Normal synthesis of growth hormone contribute to many factors, the most important of which - full and adequate sleep

. Leptin and ghrelin, hormones, digestive antipodes responsible for burning calories. Leptin is produced by adipose tissue, the brain sends a signal saturation. Ghrelin is produced in the hypothalamus and in the stomach, it regulates appetite and controls energy consumption. When there is a defective dream imbalance: the level of satiety hormone leptin decreased by 20%, which gives rise to an artificial famine and uncontrolled food intake, and thus accumulate extra kilos. Therefore, no diet does not provide you with harmony and a healthy weight if you do not sleep well.

Cortisol, the stress and the activity of a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex and plays a critical role in vital processes: regulates energy balance, provides us with vigor and vitality in the morning, even if the day before we had a tough day. During stress cortisol levels increased dramatically.

Manages a defensive reaction to the hunger and stress: it supports the fasting blood glucose level required, under stress does not allow the blood pressure to fall below the critical level

. High cortisol concentration in the blood, is fraught with negative effects on the brain and the whole body, and is reflected in the appearance: the skin becomes thinner, balding head start, are easily formed bruises. Low concentration manifested apathy, low working capacity, "fatigue from sleep." Both high and low cortisol levels fraught with dangerous diseases.

At night, during sleep, cortisol spending stops, there is its accumulation. In the morning hours the maximum levels of the hormone, which enables us to meet the daily challenges and stresses fully armed.

All the hormones in our body should have the optimal ratio level. Sleep helps to maintain their concentration, conducive to our health.

The skin cells during sleep (especially in the first half of the night), updated faster, improve their breathing, active toxins, smooths wrinkles. There is intensive production of the protein collagen, which is the basis and provides elasticity and strength of connective tissue. With its deficit skin becomes dry, there are wrinkles, cellulite, hair fade.

DREAM beauty. View from inside.

Create a comfortable environment: Ventilate the bedroom, the optimum temperature is 18-20 degrees. Close the curtains tightly, tightly, turn off the TV and get rid of all the night podmargivayuschih green eyes gadgets, gamers and pr. darkness we need to reduce the consumption of cortisol (a stress hormone at night we do not need!) And increasing the level of melatonin.

22:00 - at this time it is desirable to sleep, to create conditions for the production of melatonin, growth hormones, the joy and beauty of other hormones

. If we go to bed after 23:00, you deprive yourself of pleasure to get in a sufficient amount of growth hormone - growth hormone, harmony, youth, longevity

. Sleeping 6-8 hours. We sleep and losing weight, updated look younger.

4:00 - 6:00 in the morning - early morning the sweetest dream, we dream dreams. This paradoxical sleep keeps us in the arms of Morpheus, entertaining dreams that we do not wake up ahead of time and did not prevent the immune cells, which in these hours actively suppress pathogenic flora and viruses in our body which have accumulated during the previous waking.

During the entire night's sleep produced nervous system neurotransmitters: serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are responsible for our psycho-emotional attitude to stress and depression resistance.

To sleep, to get up refreshed, beautiful and full of energy you need to go to is not on the same day, when you need to wake up. :)
Lack of sleep, you can always supplement the daily sleep, and sleep off material transfer will not work! :)

Thus, the defective (insufficient or excessive) sleep blocks the process of rebuilding and renewal of the body and all its organs and systems, deprives us of necessary rest. At the young age of the lack of proper rest is not reflected on the exterior, but more on the sensations. With age, the first to suffer appearance - aggravated facial features, wrinkles become pronounced, the skin color becomes an unhealthy shade

. Healthy sleep - the best home cosmetician who you always come to the rescue and helps to preserve youth and beauty for a long time.


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