Berries, fruits and vegetables for the mind ...

The researchers found that people are smarter than all of the cranberry ...! Second place after the cranberry takes blueberries. And the third place was shared between a macrophylla beets and cabbage. Honorable fifth place in rating of "smart" food takes spinach. Next come the famous peaches, bananas, pears, strawberries and other fruits and berries ...!

Many types of raw vegetables, berries and fresh fruits, especially those, which contains a lot of vitamin C and sucrose, are very useful for brain activity. However, only eat them, hoping that you will become wiser, in any case impossible. Meals should be balanced and varied!

What is the mind, just as long as no one knows. But it is known that it "does not know what" is the result of biochemical processes occurring in the brain cells. For that require a lot of things - from a sufficient amount of energy and oxygen to negligible dose of a chromium, without which, however, well, not

. Brain cells as the power source recognizes only glucose, is it to absorb large quantities of brain cells.

Glucose - a source of energy, "fuel" for the brain. Previously it was thought that the brain always gets enough glucose (except when fasting). Doctors measure the level of glucose in the brain responsible for the orientation of rats in a maze looking for the path. Levels were reduced by 30%. In other parts of the brain not associated with orientation glucose levels remained constant.

The main supplier of glucose are carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are different

Simple - it's practically all that is harmful: sugar, candy, ice cream, pastry, chocolate, jam and other tasty things. Despite the fact that they are a virtually one continuous glucose to the brain that food is still "no sugar". Quickly decomposing up to the desired substance, simple carbohydrates cause the body's state of stress. First, glucose becomes too much, and the body out of fear casts its processing of all your insulin strength. Then - too little. "And to eat?" - Are asking at this point the nerve cells

. It is quite another complex carbohydrates - is oatmeal, bread from wheat flour, pasta such as flour, corn, vegetables, legumes, and other, in principle, quite edible things. Getting to us in the stomach, they do not strive to immediately decompose to glucose, but prefer to be digested slowly to the desired state, and gradually. Thus ensuring uninterrupted "nurture of" brain cells.

So why do people become smarter all of cranberries?

It contains the most antioxidants, which react free radicals of oxygen. These radicals are doing hormone cholesterol harmful to the heart and blood vessels, as well as responsible for the deterioration of memory and work of musculoskeletal system with age.

Diet, the main component of which is the cranberry, resulting in improved memory, as well as to a more balanced work of the musculoskeletal system in old age.

Cranberry contains a lot of valuable substances - organic acids, pigments, pectin. In this acidic berry unique combination of fructose and acids, including citric acid is very valuable.


This berry has all the same properties as cranberries, antioxidants therein only slightly smaller. But it contains manganese, improve vision.

Large-beet and kale

Substances contained in these vegetables destroys enzymes, which in large quantities leads to the development of Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline.


Scientists have found that spinach slows the emergence of problems in the nervous system caused by aging, and prevent the emergence of disorders of cognitive abilities.


According to scientists, not just strawberries delicious berry. Whoever eats it regularly, the elderly do not suffer from memory loss.
The powerful antioxidants in strawberries, enhances brain function.

Group of California experts studied the properties of natural substances fizetina (complex glucoside), which protects cells from degeneration.
According to Dr. Pamela Maher, fizetin can be a real "Holy Grail" for memory strengthening, but to give a precise answer and to reveal all the features of this unique substance, more research is needed. According to Sun newspaper, one strawberry memory is improved. After all, in order to fizetin contained in strawberries, acted in full, you must eat in a day up to five kilograms of berries. Experiments are continuing ...


By the way, everyone knows what a raspberry - the sweetest medicine for colds, acting no worse than aspirin. But not everyone knows that these berries contain sitosterol, which have anti-sclerotic properties. They are very useful for older people. Its fruits normalize the stomach.


In addition a large number of complex carbohydrate contains amino acids necessary for rapid biochemical processes in the cells of the brain. Provides mental clarity and increases the speed of thought.

Cposobstvuet better oxygenation of brain cells (enough bulbs in half a day).

Garlic It contains substances that activate the brain cells. With prolonged use improves memory and prevents age brain changes.

Peanuts and dates - contain dopamine. This substance activates the mental reaction.

Brussels sprouts - increases the ability to concentrate

. Speed ​​up the thought processes and help overcome fatigue foods containing B vitamins: nuts, cereals and rye bread. Orange or grapefruit, eaten in the morning, give energy boost and restore the acid-alkaline balance, which is usually broken due to exhausting mode.


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