"Another" story or peel off completely from the food "needles"

"Another" story or peel off completely from the food "needles". From "food addict" Gavrilych.

To begin with, in order to understand - for whom this article? Those who still continues to regularly eat meat, drink beer, etc., can stop reading and start with Zhdanov lectures Efimova, books Bragg, Ugolev, Ehret, Zeeland and hide themselves from all the "Raisin", and there is still very, very much I have respected people I have here will not enumerate all, the place is not enough, which at the time led me to rethink your diet and attitude to life in general. Yes that far? Right on this site - Lovesurfing.ru I did two years ago and began to draw all the information on which it was at the time, but it was enough, I read it all, something did not agree that it seemed naive and funny, but I do not want to say about it. The sets of available information is sufficient to understand the "normal" person, he lives properly. They let the knowledge gleaned from the above authorities. I learned at first, I was enough.

I want to share a little bit different, partly his, information with those who have already rawfoodist, vegan, fruktoed, maloed almost pranoed and other-other, at least in my heart, though these labels me as something not very much. And indeed any shortcuts. This text is for them, who have already started their way, who to meat, strong drink and all sorts of "a beautiful box-bottle from the supermarket" will not return already clear, NEVER. For those who have to experience for yourself the first few months (and someone just only a couple of weeks), this buzz, lightness in the body, the energy tide, constant good mood, and then - bam, here it is - a breakdown. To them, dear, because he himself such.

Started my way probably like everyone else, I read a lot of different information, a revised and one day decided EVERYTHING, from tomorrow I rawfoodist. Well, l think so, we suffer for 21 days, the habit is fixed, and then itself everything goes like clockwork. Not tut- was. At first everything is fine, sleep 5-6 hours, lucid dreaming, energy splashing over the edge, there were dice on the press, earning finally Transerfing, (who are in the subject, he will understand what I mean J), on the bar dramatically increased results (then the way they returned to their "normal" 11-12 pull-ups). About any attempts to break even was not out of the question - in short, the effect of the novice. The first breakdown freewheeling three months later, even now I do not remember all the details, like what was there, what are the products that has pushed, the fact remains - the failure, and that hurt almost daily. Plus environment, seeing my inconsistency, I say one thing, and eat what he can not. All this has added fuel to the fire. Disease problems there are different weight, that one. I personally have no "TO" was not, I even in the 40-plus was quite healthy, slender and athletic, strong drink abuse only in "faraway" youth, smoked for 15 years for this period of time, and drank rarely and Little. Therefore, some kind of "motivation" I did not. The meat I have ceased once and for all, I have it and not attracted, and not because the animals 'sorry', just heavy and worthless foods, such as immediately realize death is death - a topic is closed. While lying, animals too, it is a pity, the film "Earthlings" and was not able to see too painful to look at it all, but I no longer necessary today. In short, everything is clear with the meat, but all sorts of different as I call them - "kayfushki", chocolates, biscuits, salted cucumbers, rolls with butter and many other things of a similar, very long held. Or someone else's quote: "Cow's milk, as, indeed, and the milk of any other kind, contains a protein called casein, which is disintegrating in the process of digestion, releasing a set of opiates, called casomorphins.» ©, (this idea applies of course not only to milk as such, but even more for products from it, as a more concentrated, from the perspective of the same casein). More proof of the fact of certain types of freaky food.

In fact, all these two years, relatively speaking, I can not be considered 100% raw foodists, or is there someone else, why I do not like these labels. But! Nevertheless, my diet and daily routine looks like. In the past 12 days nothing, sometimes water, then pure mono-fruit, a large portion of the day "zelenuhi from the blender" and only in the evening "kayfushka-bjaka". Not every day, thank God, there were weeks Chistyakov, or where two or three days, holding on to a living food - then you eat crap, scolded himself, again holding up. Now I come to the fact that, after 17-18 hours of nothing to myself not to push, that is, "nothing at all" - so it is easier to hold. And once a week, roughly, "mikrosryvchiki" have the place to be. The reason: First, the social environment, my life in the social plan is not very much has changed. Pulls down: the city, "a concrete closet", relatives, friends, shopping, temptations. Second, due to internal, such as - stress, the subconscious mind can not be done, or what else? Hold short of mind. "Turbosulik" all of us to help, although this "raw foodists", so it may not really need.

Councils as smoothly and get rid of any food is probably not ladies, everyone has his own way. The first time, very good seedlings of all kinds, honey, nuts, perhaps, salads, butter, someone may legumes, but a lot of information from different raw foodists with experience, is another question. To realize the ultimate goal, a diet should be at the end of the transitional period, to understand that these sprouts, honey and nuts, and may still have some things someone -. TEMPORARILY

The result must come from someone before, someone later, but about the same, consciously eat only: aerial fruits, ie fruit, just ripe, only the season, berries, maybe a little bit in% green-grass
Delete any part of a plant of the family Solanaceae, and it specifically, potatoes, eggplant, peppers (sweet and much less sharp), tomato, tobacco (it is clear that no one smokes already, but nevertheless, it is of the Solanaceae)
Potatoes - no food is basically just starch, glue, food slaves (most likely, and hoisted him for this) causes laziness, drunk and fell down to sleep on the "satiety", the brain shuts down almost completely. It's about poached, fried potatoes even further "pin" at the expense of oil, chips still higher form of perversion on the topic, but also in its raw form is, in principle it is possible, not particularly tasty, well, just out of despair, an apple in any tastier.

There is then the bananas, five years later, probably sooner can.

Mushrooms, nuts, legumes - though the "fruits" - to what

. Grain: bird food, even in the form of seedlings do not need

. Now, what is considered "the season." It is clear that you can live in the tundra, and even on the moon, and the tales that need to eat what grows near, they are beautiful, but not always, it is better and more useful. You can here in the middle lane on some apples and carrots, cabbage sitting from February to May, but boring. And not far to failure.

My personal seasonality:

Aug. Sept. Watermelons, melons. Grapes, apples went quietly, plums. Cucumbers, if there is, although delicious grapes. From distant countries meaning there is something yet.

More late fall, early winter. Grapes smoothly moves to the winter, begins tangerine, persimmon, orange later. Bananas all year, but I want them to go away with time. From distant countries you can connect any type of exotic avocado and etc., for an amateur.

Winter and early spring is another story. Because in the summer and as everyone knows, is full of food everywhere. Winter we do not live in that climate of course, the planet is small, at all places is not enough to delve into the history of civilization do not want and will not, live shorter here, in fact. I am personally in the suburbs, and some more north or east. As mentioned above, you can live on the moon, just in time to bring up the fruit J. In general, I do not know what is best to eat at this time, usually one - fruit should be ripe, which carries the energy of the sun. For me personally the foundation of the diet oranges, apples, pears and "zelenuha" from the blender. Greenery any, some bought, dill, parsley, cilantro, green onions, spinach, all sorts of salads, corn used to be, now, because of sanctions seems to have disappeared. While Israel remained in the "Metro", but more expensive and not so little. The basis for the "zelenuhi" are bananas, apples, carrots, pumpkin, in various combinations and availability. Sometimes pobalueshsya and nuts, but rarely, and I try to do without them. Too heavy then can sryvchik provoke, and teeth suffer, I personally and so it was that for 40 years has left almost no teeth. If someone has the opportunity in this time of year there is something else, maybe overseas exotic, or even ripe grapes "high prices", in other parts of the world, "season", it probably makes sense. If finances tugovato then themselves try to trim diet, apple-carrot-pumpkin-orange-banana ...

In April, a good idea to starve week or three or four, but it is once again an amateur, and as anyone can be on the move to leave bananas, carrots, apples, pumpkin, grass, everything is possible in various combinations in a blender stuff. More for diversity have all kinds of cabbage seedlings of the same, but this is again looking at what stage one.

June-July - a paradise. Berries, greens, apricots, peaches, cucumbers, plums, apples later.

Someone in the summer like tomatoes, but I'm talking about there Solanaceae above opinion left in them all sorts of freaky alkaloids why further razdrakonivat yourself? ..

The results of two years: much life has changed little since no "TO" was not overweight and the diseases suffered, but nevertheless. Vision has become better, more precisely back to the absolute, as it was before, but the last couple of years has become something a little bit worse. Ceased to crackle in the joints, there is some additional flexibility or something. Teeth are no longer sick at all, but it certainly did not become better, and even a couple of seals povypadali, had to upgrade. It used sometimes tingling heart, infrequent and not much, but still - no longer does. Certainly much thinner because he was "specific bullies", weighing 85 kg, 62-64 kg is now, no fat, cubes and all that J. Effectiveness of power certainly greatly decreased at first, then slowly back again almost to the old level, well, a little less in strength, increase endurance. The main changes are in the body - in the head. Purity, clarity of mind, peace of mind, was less concerned about the future, a kind of inner freedom appeared. Sleep is not to say that just fell, I sleep on the same 7-8 hours, but if all of a sudden a little sleep, or not at all will not sleep one night, the next day nothing very much wrong, do not turn into a zombie, life It does not stop (after the earlier day on the job, definitely slept the whole afternoon and the first output to nothing), that is, the total stamina in general has increased by an order.

Second part: some deep thoughts about the food at all =))

I have a suggestion that is likely to Jericho Sanfaer rights in the food we do not need as such. But as for the majority, and for me personally, it is a distant horizon, we will not discuss until such subtleties. But an emotional connection to food in particular, is worth mentioning. If Sanfaera this is referred to as the binding to the food at all, then we can consider their level to bind to specific types of "irregular food».

What most pull? Sweets: condensed milk, chocolates, candies, cakes and. Salinity, ostrenkoe, spicy: pickled cabbage, pickled cucumbers, sophisticated dishes such as salads, vinaigrettes. A separate line can be distinguished bakery, grain and yeast. On varёnku pure pulls a little, and if you understand yourself, you will end up in this dish, whatever it may be, we need: salt and spices, ie satisfy purely freaky bind to salt or sweetness or "satiety ". The need for sweets and satiety comes from deep childhood, it is as a protection and peace of mind - to win this need in two ways (maybe more, but I found two), there are a lot of sweet, but natural - such as pears, melons and TP. And compensate for the lack of communication, love, friendship, confidence in the future - it is socially. Salinity and spice - the desire to thrill, there's even easier (ha, on the one hand it is easier, but in practice J)) sports, travel, victory over boredom, boring especially hard dark winter evenings in a closed apartment. In short: you can remove narkoprivyazannost displacing one "pin" others wanted sharp little - hot on the street, or do 40 sit-ups. It wanted something sweet, or sweet fruit or socializing with friends. It's true there is a risk of failure on a large, already in the company, especially if this is a prerequisite, each is not rawfoodist and TP.

A small summary: any food (even raw and alive) in principle, "drug", the poison and food cognate words on purpose. But drugs are different, there is a "lighter", have immediately killed. For example, if the heroine people live to 23 years, with vodka, wine, beer to 40-50, to "heat-treated food", he falls short of 70-80-90, there are many different nuances, all of life is different, then some oranges -yablokah-berries, probably would live up to 300-500 years, it's hard to say exactly how many, again, a lot of different factors on life expectancy more affected. Because apples and even cause the same kind of "relationship" - harm from their physical body is so minimal that it can be practically neglected

. And even more short, but instantiated phrase can express it this way: to give up the old freaky bindings, through the replacement of the other, less "junk" needle fruit. Incidentally this point I caught on the same site in one of the articles, a former drug addict. Sitting on the "needle" orange still better than meat and bread-and-chocolate. More is better "plant" themselves to exercise, there are allocated the same brain morphine-like substances, as well as in the food leukocytosis, when in the digestive tract accumulates a certain weight "bad food" to him from all over the body rush leukocytes, to overcome this trouble, which is accompanied by " samoukolom brain "morfinopodnymi substances, as previously large production of white blood cells was associated with stress or trauma, and the body had itself samoobezbolit. Then the body, when receiving pleasure through food was to use this same mechanism in the brain development of the drug. Such is the "masochism" harm the body through his poisoning to extract morphine in the brain.

The approach to solving this problem it is necessary to look at the drug treatment, which along with traumatology and military surgeons could be left to the future medicine.


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