Adolescence and the raw food diet

I started to eat only raw plant products from 15 August 2014, at age 17. The reason why I decided to go for this type of power, was to study the books of Colin Campbell's "The China Study" and Ugolev A. M "trophic ecology and the theory of adequate nutrition", and view presentations Michael Greger, MD, recognized worldwide lecturer nutrition. At some point, the critical information is accumulated. I am more and more impressed by the things that I learned. The whole theory of nutrition and easily Easy to install with basic medical principles, which we all know. As a result, understanding the higher correlation between diet and health, I decided to do a little psychological step for me and great for the changes in my body.

Transition I realized this week. While reading each time I learned something new, and increasingly preferred to buckwheat or rice with dried fruit instead of potatoes with meat. After Ugolev decided so easily and just stop eating all harmful. I do not call the exact moment when he decided. Just wanted and did.
Prior to this diet consisted mainly of chicken, eggs, large quantity of the bread, dumplings and some apples. Junk food from the "McDonald's" and junk fudom did not eat for reasons that my diet of protein products the most useful and healthy (How wrong I was!).

After 1-2 months completely disappeared symptoms of chronic pharyngitis and nasal congestion have disappeared frequent headaches, increased immunity.

After 3-4 months completely disappeared back pain, despite the fact that I have low back pain and frequent load on his back due to my sport. At times increased stamina and desire appeared unusual for me, I go to my never experienced - a craving for sports. I started running at 6 am, get up at 5. It was easier to think (there is no fog in my head), disappeared apathy and anxiety. My weight at growth 193 fell from 69.2 to 65.1, but then rose to 67.3.

Sports results only improved since I changed my diet. I exercise on an equal basis with everyone, and progressing as everyone else, sometimes even faster, because I feel the muscles completely different and much better, and this is a very important criterion in the sport.

The first winter was very nice! Impressed by the experience of other raw foodists ran a T-shirt and shorts in the morning at any temperature :)
I wanted to lay out photos to the group to run the morning of January 1, but alas it was not to a gadget. merzlyavosti Emotion was not sick. Hunger was perceived very easy: think better, sleep less)

The only problem I had with the unleavened bread. I could eat one slice of once a week, but I felt that it is too heavy compared with other food and after about 1-2 months and refused him.

My approximate diet per day:
5:00. 0.8 liters of water
5:30 250 g sprouts green buckwheat, 100-150 g of seeds (sesame, sunflower and pumpkin), lemon juice 100 ml, 200 g carrots

9:25 0.4 liters of water
10:00 some apples / pears (0.2-0.6 kg)
11:30 0.4 liters of water
12:00 few bananas / oranges (0.2-0.6 kg)
13:30 0.5 liters of water
14:00 250 grams of sprouted green buckwheat, carrots (150 g), beet (100 g).
16:00 Dates and others. Dried (0.1-0.4 kg)
17:40 apple juice (the last meal)
18: 00-21: 00 0.9 liters of water

It is costing me a diet of about 3,500 rubles a month. Before that, I spent a lot more.

Besides running go to the gym, I am a member of the Youth Council of the Leninsky district in the city of Chelyabinsk and is deputy chairman and head of the projects department :) I am fond of managerial fights Vladimir Tarasov and oratorical skill. Often I am co-host his teacher :)

On the basis of oratory and managerial duels have now created a modular course "constructive negotiations". It is a system for school students and more humane)

Family was the most difficult. Mother to me in plain text saying that I die. Most distant relatives promised to impotence. They did not convince even the most banal examples that prove the benefit of my food. From the time I go it's been quite a time, but I still catch glances and disapproval. Despite all the positive changes took place in my body in front of them, they are still waiting for the moment when I need medical attention, and they are right.

I have long not prove anything to anyone, but still meet provocative questions from relatives. There are those who are very interested in my experience raw food vegan :) my friend, who gave me a book to read, changed my thinking about food, very approvingly refers to the fact that I do. My teacher oratorical skill and does no longer have any animal food :)


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