I was diagnosed with cancer! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Hi, I'm Chris!

I am often approached by people who have recently learned that their friends, family members or anyone else who cares about them, was diagnosed with - cancer. I constantly get these messages: "Chris, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer," or "my mom's friend" or someone else. "I really want to help them, but do not know where to start. I do not know what to tell them. Could you help? Can you help, I beg you. ยป

Just you and I talk about this.

If you have cancer and you are reading this, you have a chance, because there is someone who cares about you, spent his time to send you this message.

Now I want to tell you a shortened version of my story. I also want to tell you how it would be nice if me someone said it all, when I was diagnosed with cancer. I believe that it will work very reassuring to you. And even, perhaps, will change your understanding about cancer.

So, let's begin. I was diagnosed with colon cancer 3 degrees. I was sent for surgery. I was told that I would need nine to twelve chemotherapy treatments. But I refused chemotherapy. Instead, I abruptly changed my diet and lifestyle. I literally oversaturated myself with tons of juice, giant salads, fruit smoothies and tons of fruits and vegetables from all over the Earth.

The first thing you must understand about cancer is: DO NOT BE AFRAID. I know that you fear. Maybe you're terrified because they thought I was dying, but it is not. Cancer - a very natural, normal process in the body. Every person has cancer cells. We all have them. The body functions include the identification and elimination of cancer cells when they become established. This is the correct operation of the body. Cancer - is not the main problem. Tumors and lesions areas of the body, and the like - is not usually present a problem. It's just the problem. This is not a real problem. But the real problem is that you are sick. You have a disease associated with metabolism throughout the body, which led to a tumor or tumors that grow in your body. Tumor - a symptom. The tumor - is not the main problem. If you cut the tumor, the body will grow new.

When a person has cancer, what happens in the body? Cancer - the result, which results in a deficit of body power, overloaded with toxins, and usually is the result of a suppressed immune system. What contributes to this?

Deaths from cancer (in the US) has tripled in the last 100 years. If you compare our way of life that was in our ancestors 100 years ago, you will see how they are different. What has changed? The food that we eat. We eat all the processed, artificial, everything that we did not have the idea there. It's simple. You have to go back to the natural food that grows on the ground in its natural form. Fruits and vegetables

The earth was created for us, and all we need, coming out of the earth. It is so simple. The truth is - simple. The problem is that we overeat, but we do not have enough food. We stuffed ourselves with food, but we are "starving". We get a lot of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but do not get these important, important micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and thousands of plant nutrient complexes located in fruits and vegetables, in plants that support the body's ability to heal and work on optimum level.

So, not only do we feel the lack of a large number of nutrients in our daily diet, but we also absorb all this artificial food, which our body does not know what to do, how to recycle. We are polluting our bodies with artificial flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers, artificial fats, artificial food, and all of this is literally poisoning our bodies. You pollute and poison the body of cooked and processed foods. Coke, sports drinks, fast food, food cooked in a microwave oven, restaurant food, all this has changed a lot and is loaded with sugar, salt and everything listed above.

Thus, diet is paramount.

In second place - your lifestyle. If you drink a lot, a lot of smoke or take drugs, especially synthetic,

If you eat at least one synthetic drug, it affects you as a suppressor of the immune system. These drugs bring cancer. There are synthetic drugs that benefit. Are you ill, not because you are not taking synthetic drugs. Synthetic drugs do not cure, they only mask the symptoms and make it easier.

The only way to healing - it's food that gives your body the building blocks of all, that it needs for treatment and recovery. And the good news is that you can accomplish this. Your diet and lifestyle - the main factors

. The use of hard liquor and smoke - causes cancer

. Obesity - This is the second cause of cancer. If you are overweight, this leads to cancer. Your body - in a constant, chronic inflammation, and fights it is handled. This is the main cause of cancer.

The third factor - lack of exercise, lack of physical activity. If you compare yourself with your ancestors, most of them working hands, they worked physically trained. They ate fresh food, which is grown and, taken from a neighbor, shared with the neighbor. This barter. They ate all the home (whether plants or animals) that they or their neighbors were grown. They ate fresh natural food, compared with the present day and all our processed foods. So you have to move your body.

Exercise and movement - that's life. When you exercise, you send signals to your body to life, that it grew, became stronger and lived. So you have to start exercising.

The fourth factor - it's stress. Stress destroys your immune system, suppresses it. Whether it's stress in relationships, stress at work, or too much physical. load (eg, intense exercise, like a marathon or triathlon), you can overcome it. But any stress suppresses immunity. If your life is, people you have not forgiven if you suppress negative emotions like unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, condemnation, criticism, you are in the negative. You - in a chronic state of

inflammation and stress. Stress hormones are allocated. Cortisol and adrenaline are allocated, and it is also a condition that provokes cancer.

All four of the above factors, your diet, your lifestyle, do you physically or not, and stress - that causes cancer. These 4 factors or contribute to health or contribute to disease, depending on your choice. The reason - in your choice. This is - the key. You can turn your health changes in your lifestyle. So, do not let anyone push you and the operating table, to chemotherapy or radiation.

Do you have time. Most cancer patients are not in critical condition. In fact, most people who are diagnosed with cancer, feel good. Yes, they have one or another tumor or something unusual on the scanner, but otherwise they feel good. They feel that they are healthy. Most doctors even recognize that you still have some time. Tell the doctor that you want to spend some time to change your life. Do I have 30 days? And 60 days? A 90 days? And radically change your diet, your lifestyle and see what happens.


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