The history of successful treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma with the power

Five years ago at the age of 26 years old I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's second stage (a malignant disease of the lymphatic system), and like any man with such a diagnosis, I wanted to get rid of it.

We passed a number of commercial survey, and then the doctors told us: you need Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and various medications. We have been told that I threatened temporary or permanent infertility with probability 20-70%.

My husband, Kevin, with whom we were married by the time three months, did not believe that we have a suitable chemical treatment. He had a feeling that it will only aggravate the situation. He felt sure that we were doing and started to look for all possible information about other ways to treat cancer, wondering how to fight them in other countries: Germany, Spain, Japan. When you are diagnosed, the events start to develop too quickly, you need to calm down and stop, look around, see what happens. He studied the experience of people who have managed to beat the disease and came to the conclusion that we should leave the hospital.

Step by step, we have accumulated knowledge from different sources, my husband trusted his instinct, an inner voice, and we abandoned chemical procedures. We have put together a treatment program, and decided to stick with it for at least three months. Our family did not understand us, my parents thought that my husband puts me in jeopardy, leads me. We were pressured from all sides, and it was difficult to stay the course. Of course, it was not easy, there were quarrels, tears, doubt ...

I recommend all people to start fighting with gathering information. It is necessary to understand what is happening with your body, with your health. I recommend that you read at least one book on the subject. I started with the book "Freedom from Cancer" Bill Henderson (Original «Cancer-free» Bill Henderson.) It is necessary to educate and look for people similar ideas, to communicate, share experiences and information, to receive support. I work as a teacher, and my students gave me the idea of ​​the search for such people on the Internet, so in one of the thematic chats I found Chris, and he asked me to give this interview.

Cancer should not be afraid. Now, five years later, being completely healthy, I know that our body is capable of self-healing, leveraging its own resources. I see two reasons in his illness that struck me at the age of 26ti years:

Stress. I worked naiznos more than one and a half years remaining inattentive to the fact that the dwindling resources of the organism. Most people find in their disease during difficult, stressful situations, such as divorce, dismissal ...
My diet. Most American women are a way of eating, and as long as you do not start the problem, you do not start thinking that doing something wrong. I ate junk food, prepared food, every day I drank Diet Coke. You know, teachers love Diet Coke (laughs).
All together, this led to the development of cancer.

In order to heal, I completely changed my lifestyle. I took the safe, less chemicals, began practicing yoga and began eating raw plant foods. I swallowed a ton of green smoothie every day, because I do not like salads. She ate a lot of vegetables and fruits. I gained confidence and became a Christian. I did exercise. I was able to beat cancer through its organism, changing lifestyle, their food and their way of thinking. I have a website where I share recipes and give advice.

Now, exactly five years and two months later, I was absolutely healthy. I feel better than ever in his life. © Courtney Campbell


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