Man shelters abandoned kitten. After 3 days, That saved his life!

Glen tavern sheltered abandoned little kitten who was in an orphanage after being almost killed in the street. Animal rescue repaid by the same owner - the cat literally saved the life of a new host

. Glen took home the 8-week kitten named Blake. According to the man, the kitten was near death when a man saw him in an orphanage.

Glen suffers from a brain disease that causes seizures, during which time he may stop breathing. But he never imagined that the cat will save his life during one of the attacks.

The man told me that the first day he had a slight attack. Then the cat put a paw on his hand, as if to say this: "Do not worry, everything will be alright»

. On the third day after the appearance of a cat in the house of a man suffered a severe attack for more than just a dream - the cat began to bite his fingers to wake him


If the cat has not started to wake up the owner, he could die right in his sleep of respiratory arrest, and did not come to himself. The man says: "I saved him, and now he has saved me!»

Now Glen cat calls his guardian angel, sent to him by God. According to the man, a cat perfectly understands it, all the while caressing and everywhere follows the master. He's just happy that now he had a Blake. "This cat makes me live! He's just a real cat-hero "- says Glen


It's amazing how animals can help people and even save their lives!


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