How to cook the best hot sauce in the world, from which you can lose consciousness

Before you send in your mouth chicken leg with sauce Atomic Kick Ass, visitors to the restaurant, "Bindi" must sign a paper liberating institution from responsibility for the consequences. 35-year-old Muhammad Karim - director and chef of the restaurant "bindi", based in the town of Grantham, Lincolnshire. Man gained worldwide fame as the creator of seasonings, which gained 12 million units on a scale Scoville pungency. For comparison, the corresponding figure of police pepper spray is approximately 4 million units. Website describes what constitutes this amazing seasoning.

The sauce was named Atomic Kick Ass , which roughly translated into Russian means «nuclear tin» Creation Karim served to fried chicken legs.

According to the chef in the preparation of seasoning he is forced to wear thick gloves made of dense material and a gas mask, otherwise the there is a risk of losing consciousness.

"As the body [to try the sauce] human wave rapid runs, resulting in convulsions and can begin stepping the half-hour paralysis of the facial muscles. We held a special briefing to the restaurant staff: they must be able to provide first aid to the client until the medics arrive - says Karim - The last person to try the sauce was some guy. He was sweating from head to foot, beating his face, trying to cause tactile sensations, but he has paralysis ».

All who wish to taste chicken legs with sauce from Muhammad Karim must sign a paper liberating restaurant from liability for the consequences.

The structure of Atomic Kick Ass includes the most hot peppers in the world, including the famous «Carolina Reaper» and «Morug Scorpio» It is also in the process of preparing Karim adds seasoning 5 milliliters of a special pepper extract, whose pungency is 13 million units Scoville. Chicken legs in the same pre-soaked mango-tamarind sauce.

Used pepper in the dish "Morug Scorpio" was recognized as the most acute in 2012. If you decide to take a bite of pepper Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, in the first few minutes of thought he was not sharp. However, after a few minutes the degree of pungency will begin to grow rapidly, and you feel as if your tongue, throat and esophagus burned with fire! Blood pressure rises, the face turns red, and his eyes begin to tear much. Some even try this pepper appeared nausea.

However, not all the fruits of pepper can reach such a pitch. Most often, the fruits of Trinidad Scorpion Moruga have a little over 1, 2 million Scoville units. The degree of severity of peppers depends primarily on the conditions in which it was grown. If, for example, a plant lacking water and the ambient temperature was too high, the fruits will be sharper than the fruits of those plants that were grown under more favorable conditions.

In addition to the severity, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend notable for its delicate fruity aroma, whereby the fruits added to foods in very small quantities, gives the dish a spicy and, at the same time, pleasant taste. From 2013 to the present time it is considered to be the sharpest pepper "Carolina Reaper».



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