Dad turned the room into a real fairy tale daughter

Remember, as a kid you dream of a cozy treehouse? User Reddit radamshome, which many already absentia awarded the title of "Father of the Year" for his daughter did a fabulous tree into her room.

We are in the Website just delighted with his work, and we hasten to share with you this beauty.

«My daughter dreamed of a fairy-tale tree to get comfortable on it with a favorite book». h3>

«As it turned out, I was a bit unprepared for the complexities, putting into practice his idea». h3>

for the entire project took 18 months to his father, and 350 hours of work. h3>

It started with a sketch drawing and manufacturing layout. h3>

Father had to take courses welders to make a reliable framework. h3>

welding frame, he spent more than 100 hours. h3>

Ready skeleton was covered with a special mesh, which took about 50 hours. h3>

Then the tree trunk was covered with a special mixture of cement, and the branches - papier-mache. The work took another 225 hours. H3>

At the talented pope good artistic abilities, he masterfully painted wood. h3>

The branches of a tree decorated with garlands resembling stars and other cute decorative elements. h3>

The moment of happiness! By the way, the design of the tree can withstand the weight of three adults. H3>

According to the materials: boredpanda
Photo source: radamshome



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